5 Types Of Desserts You Can Make With These Fruits
Image Credit: Pexels

Everyone loves pies. There are many incidents where one can relate to this desert and be nostalgic. Pie is an important part of childhood memories. Nowadays, this dessert is unique and baked to perfection with different kinds of fillings, from sweet to savoury ingredients. You can have chicken pot pie as well as apple pie in a meal and dessert simultaneously. 

The pie is made with puff pastry dough with lots of fillings in it, sealing it shut with another layer of the dough as a dish. It can be either baked or cooked in front of a fire oven until the above part is golden brown and the filling is completely cooked. 

One can also bake the pie according to the consistency one prefers. People looking for a soft crust can bake the pie for a shorter amount of time, while people looking for a crispy and flaky crust need to egg wash the pie frequently. Discover different kinds of pie perfect for different taste preferences this National Pie Day. 

5 Types Of Desserts Made With These 5 Fruits

1. Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie is a global favourite, which everyone loves for its sweetness and refreshing flavour. This has plump, blueberries and wild berries too. It is the perfect balanced filling with flaky, buttery baked to deliciousness. You have this dessert with some vanilla bean ice cream or a light dusting of powdered sugar for ultimate perfection. Adding nuts and strawberry jab as the topping also elevates the flavour of the pie like never before. 

2. Mango Tart

If you like something tropical then make sure to eat this pie. Mango Tart is an exquisite dessert that goes along decadently with sweet mangoes. Extra ripened mangoes can be used as the main ingredient while making the pie. The mango tart has a crisp pastry base with gooey mango slices with condensed milk as filling. It is truly a tropical delight with every mouthful. To elevate this experience add an apricot glaze and pair up with coconut sorbet.

3. Strawberry Pie

Strawberry pie is also known as jam pie because it is made with strawberry jam. If you are left with excess strawberry jam then making this pie will save you from wasting it.  It is simple to prepare yet complicated to nail the texture. You can garnish it with chocolate dipped strawberries and vanilla ice cream cake. Adding cream or more strawberries as garnish enhances the overall presentation too. 

4. Raspberry Crumble

Raspberry Crumble is a popular Italian pie made with lots of raspberry jam similar to Jam Pie. This dessert has smooth textures with juicy raspberries and crispy crust to balance it. You can pair it with hot honey or lemon sorbet to balance the sweetness. You need to try out this dessert as it tastes delicious. One can also have it as a snack while having tea of your choice. 

5. Cinnamon Peach  Pies

If you love peaches, you will love this pie. Cinnamon peach pie is known for its cinnamon flavour. The type of peaches used also plays a major role in balancing the flavours. For garnish one can also add some sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Peach pies are very difficult to make but taste very delicious. One can have it with black coffee during tea time or with mint ice cream after dinner as dessert. 

Try out various pies with these fruits to taste the best of sweetness. These pies perfectly represent the glory of National Pie Day.