National Chip And Dip Day 2024: 9 Amazing Combos To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

Different kinds of chips are served with various types of dips. This dish can be served as a snack, hors d'oeuvre, appetiser, or party dish.

Chips and dip is the term used to describe the combination of chips or crisps and dipping sauces. A variety of chips are eaten, such as pita chips, plantain chips, bean chips, tortilla chips, corn chips and potato chips. Crudités are raw vegetables served whole or cut; crackers which are occasionally used with the dips. 

A Lipton ad campaign for their French onion dip recipe—sometimes known as "California dip"—helped chips and dip become incredibly popular in the US during the 1950s. 

Specialised trays and serving dishes were developed to contain chips and dip during this period. During the American football Super Bowl, chips and dip are usually served as the most popular snacks in the United States. Each year, March 23rd everyone celebrates National Chip and Dip Day in the United States to remember the best of chip and dip snacks.

Now that you know the occasion, why not mark it with seven incredible combinations?

Try These 9 Chips and Dips Combos

1. Salsa And Chips

Chips and salsa, the ideal chip-and-dip combination, are a favourite among foodies preoccupied with flavour and budget. Combine some finely chopped onion and tomato with a hint of heat from the jalapeño and garlic to make a simple salsa. Good, ripe ingredients are reasonably priced and provide a lot of flavour in every bite.

2. Pita Chips And Hummus

To prepare your own, slice the pitas into triangles and toss them in olive oil, salt, and your preferred blend of spices, like paprika, garlic powder, and pepper. Bake for 11 to 13 minutes at 375 degrees in the oven. Hummus's base is a can of chickpeas, with additional optional flavourings like cumin, lemon, and tahini. It's a simple and quick dish to prepare for last-minute guests.

3. White Lavash And Bean Dip

A can of white beans and additional seasonings like garlic, lemon, and olive oil are required. Use your favourite herbs and spices to create a distinctive take on a simple recipe. Simple, inexpensive pantry staples like flour, salt, and yeast may be used to make a basic lavash, a crispy Middle Eastern flatbread that's well worth the effort.

4. Baked Potato chips And Caramelised Onion Dip

Making your potato chips is cheap and simple. Consider the medium-sized potato, which can easily make enough for one dish of chips. Caramelised onions add flavour to inexpensive condiments for this dip. It tastes good right out of the fridge, but let the flavours meld and develop overnight for maximum flavour depth.

5. Baked Tortilla Chips And Spinach Dip

This dip makes the most of frozen spinach and artichokes, available all year round and significantly less expensive than their fresh counterparts, especially if purchased on sale. Use leftovers and vary with the cheeses you have on hand for some variety. For even more cost and calorie savings, bake corn tortillas to make crisp chips instead of spending money on frying oil.

6. Pita Chips And Tzatziki

Thick strained yoghurt, garlic, lemons, and cucumber are the basic, low-cost ingredients of this earthy, tangy Greek dip. This dip is best made at home because store-bought tzatziki is usually twice as expensive as Greek yoghurt and doesn't have the same fresh flavour.

7. Chipotle Yoghurt Dip And Carrot Chips

The creamy texture of this dip is provided by Greek yoghurt, while the affordable, spicy, and tangy canned chipotle in adobo contributes to flavour. It tastes great with carrot chips, which turn an inexpensive, unremarkable ingredient into a surprising culinary marvel. To create flavour aspects like sweet and spiced or hot and smokey, experiment with the amount of spices on the carrot chips.

8. Cucumber Chips And Sour Cream And Chive Dish

Dips can be made at a significantly lower cost by keeping things basic and flavouring them with fresh herbs. Five ounces of sour cream are the major component of this dish. Slice fresh Persian or seedless cucumbers into quarter-inch diagonal pieces to use as chips to keep them light. The fresh cucumber's crispness provides a welcome counterpoint to the richness of the dip.

8. Lavash And Paprika-Spiced Lemon Herb Dip

These flavourings go equally well with various bases, such as Greek yoghurt, sour cream, plain hummus, canned white beans, or chickpeas. Six ounces of whatever's left in the refrigerator should be the starting point. Then, add one teaspoon of paprika, one lemon juice and zest, and a pinch of dried or fresh herbs like thyme. Let the flavours develop in the refrigerator for at least three hours. 

9. S’mores And Graham Crackers

Who says dip and chips are just for starters? Pour a bag of chocolate chips into a skillet or oven-safe pan, top with fresh marshmallows, and bake at 450 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, or until marshmallows are golden brown. This is a great way to transform a favourite campfire treat into a decadent dessert. 

It's difficult to top chips and dip for a quick, easy, filling dish that can feed a crowd at any gathering. They're delicious and adaptable, and many of the dishes in this collection are simple to make using common cupboard ingredients, making them perfect for entertaining or last-minute potlucks. On this day of chips and dips, try these combos.