Makar Sankranti USA 2024: 5 Popular Beverages To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

With Makar Sankranti comes lots of celebration and prosperity. There are different states of India which celebrate Makar Sankranti, or the harvest festival, with lots of different names such as Pongal, Lohri, etc. The celebration of this festival marks a successful harvest and an abundance of resources. 

Jaggery is one of the most significant ingredients in the preparation of different festive dishes. On the other hand, you must have heard about til laddu, Gur Chikki and many more. There are different beverages which are significant to Makar Sankranti which many people don't know about. From Sugarcane juice to Gur lassi, there are various drinks that can bring out the taste of traditional Makar Sankranti celebrations with wholesomeness and warmth. 

Looking for different beverages to include in your Makar Sankranti brunch? Make sure to go through all the beverages listed below for the best taste. Keep reading to learn more!

Try 5 Popular Beverages On Makar Sankranti

1. Khajoor Milkshake

Khajoor (dates) milkshake is a nutritious drink that is easy to prepare. One put can simply add a handful of dates and blend them with chilled milk, ice cubes, and honey. Dates are high in fibre which is good for health too. In many cultures, dates are considered a symbol of hospitality and are often shared among friends and family. You can put chopped nuts like almonds or pistachios for a more elevated taste.

2. Gur Sattu Sherbet

To make Gur Sattu Sherbet, mix sattu, jaggery, water, and lemon juice according to taste. If one doesn't have gur available, they can use honey or maple syrup, too. You can also add some ginger juice for a hint of spice. The flavour is very earthy and delightful. Also, it is an excellent source of protein and fibre, making this sherbet not only refreshing but also filling. You can add rose petals and cumin powder for garnish to make the drink more indulgent. 

3. Til Milk

Til Milk has a rich, nutty taste and is a great source of minerals, healthy fats, and protein. To make Til Milk or sesame milk, try blending soaked sesame seeds with milk and a little bit of sugar. Strain the mixture to get smooth, nutty-flavoured milk. Sesame seeds are considered auspicious and are used in various rituals during Makar Sankranti too. Til Milk is perfect during festivals or as a part of a healthy diet.

4. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is one of the main ingredients in the sweets Makar Sankranti. Sugarcane juice is obtained by crushing sugarcane and extracting the liquid. You can add lime juice and salt according to taste. It helps in hydrating the body and is a popular choice during festivities. You can also add coconut water to make the flavour more elegant and balanced. Try out this drink to elevate your festivities!

5. Bajra Doodh

Bajra Doodh has a comforting, creamy texture with a nutty flavour from bajra. It is a wholesome drink that provides fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Bajra Doodh is made by cooking bajra (pearl millet) in milk with a sweetener and spices like cardamom. The drink is very filling and warm, perfect for drinking at night after a long day around festivals. You can add different nuts to it, like raisins, cashews and almonds, to enhance the flavour. Also, You can do the same with other whole grains like quinoa or oats for a variation.

These drinks are tasty as well as nutritious, perfect to keep you hydrated around the busy festive days. Serve it to your guests to impress them.