Los Angeles Street Food: Explore These 6 Must-Visit Places
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Through that wonderful saying, Caleb Kiernan nailed the multicultural essence of Los Angeles, which is based on the many communities within its boundaries. The attitude of the city depends on the fact that it is built up by different lobbyists like the largely Mexican and Guatemalan people and the Latin Cultural Community. LA street food stands for long-sustained ethnic tolerance. The spectrum of available tastes, cuisine, and beliefs of the Mexicans and Guatemalans, Thais, Koreans, and Japanese could become a dream of most travellers across the globe.

The street food of LA is appealing to food lovers who wish to experience diverse flavours at a pocket-friendly price. The Streets of Los Angeles have already become strong and established in this area of the food game. It is a melting pot for different types of food, and there are many food trucks selling tasty street food. 

Take a look at the list of street food places listed below. Believe it or not, these six street food spots best depict the true soul of LA!

6 Must-Try Places For Street Food In LA

1. Skewered Food At Grand Central Market

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Grand Central Market is a food hall in the heart of LA that celebrates diversity through its rich culinary culture and lively atmosphere. The tradition of Skewered food in the streets of the Philippines still persists. Los Angeles is famous for this street food, including pork ear, chicken foot, liver of chicken, intestine of pork, and quail eggs, which creates many satiate the taste of people who love street foods in LA. The chicken and pork meatballs are soaked in a soy and garlic glaze, then are roasted on coal grills and served with vinegar flavoured sauce.

Location: Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Timings: Mon-Sun 8 am–9 pm

Must Try: Pork meatballs and grilled chicken

Price For 2: $20–30

2. Burritos At Pablitos Tacos

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Without a doubt, the most flavourful and tasty overstuffed burrito one could ever imagine is served in this local joint Pablitos tacos, where food is truly a journey through the flavours of Mexican cuisine. Burrito is a Mexican street food that is mouth-watering and juicy and consists of generously and spicily used meats and vegetables. This modified tortilla name roll is a popular Mexican street food. Mexican Burrito dishes have become entirely different at various Los Angeles street food corners, creating unique flavours with a twist of ingredients. Next up, the carne asada burrito is the go-to item if you want to try something from the San Diego-user's native city, such as a mixture of grilled meat, avocado spread, and Pico de Gallo.

Location: Pablitos Tacos 5600 Vineland Ave North Hollywood All Flavour, No Grease, 728 E 108th St, Los Angeles, CA 90059

Timings: Mon-Sun 5 pm–12 am

Must Try: Carne asada burrito and Grilled meat

Price For 2: $20–30

3. Burgers At Meats And Flame 

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Indulge in the most favourite street food with charcoal-grill patties. This place is a paradise for all burger lovers. A good list of categories available worldwide on street foods never finishes without mentioning burgers. Therefore, burgers may have an exceptional presence among the various foods on Los Angeles’s streets, and Meats and Flame especially has a lot of varieties on their menu. Using burger buns for wrapping around the burger and different sauces and cheese brings richness to the taste at the same time. This food is one of the most sought-after items in Los Angeles. Taste hamburgers on food trucks and street food vendors and use meat as a topping. Enjoy the variety offered. Extra chilled and cheesy burgers are the favourite delicacies of street food fans in LA.

Location: Meats & Flame, 11007 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 10:30 am–10:30 pm

Must Try: Chicken Kabob and Grilled Cheeseburger

Price For 2: $10–20

4. Elotes At Corn Man

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Appreciate the irresistible taste of Mexican street corn rolled in authentic spicy crema, cheese, and chilli powder, and served by enthusiastic Corn Man, which operates the most visible food stall in the area. Meantime, boiled, or husked Mexican corn recipe covered with cheese and smeared with margarine, mayonnaise, and lime juice is one of the common examples of traditional Mexican street cuisine. This street food is full of green vegetables. Street vendors have set up new outlets as this is a food that can be found on many corners of LA. This place has many options for all street food lovers.

Location: Corn Man, 2338 Workman St, Los Angeles, CA 90031, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 11:30 pm–3 am

Must Try: Street corn and Elote

Price For 2: $10–20

5. Pupusas At Don Lencho

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Get a bite from Don Lencho's inviting restaurants that bring traditional pupusas to life with tantalising flavours of cheese, beans, and meat garnished with freshness and served hot. Pupusas are a kind of cake stuffed with meat, cheese and veggies. Grilled over a coal burning fire, the dish brings up the experiences of Salvadoran coastlines through its rich aromas by seasoning the meat with cheesy sauces and spices. The dishes on the grill, which gained a rich and complex taste when coupled with the juicy and cheesy heat of the cake, gave a chance to indulge in pleasing flavours.

Location: Don Lencho, 6119 S Normandie Ave, South L.A

Timings: Mon-Sun 8 am–10 pm

Must Try: Mojarra Asada Grilled Tilapia and Ayote Con Queso Squash

Price For 2: $20–30

6. Bagels At Yeastie Boys Bagels

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Begin the day in Yeastie Boys Bagels shop, where the staff make bagels the way people make at home, freshly baked and generously topped with cream cheese and visitors favourite spreads. Just like in the German bakeries, the ice-cream trucks in Los Angeles offer cream cheese, bacon, eggs, peppers, tomatoes and different topping variations with those being their traditional bake. This dish combines two wonderful taste sensations of the breakfast staple of bagels and the spicy filling of the cheese giving it a creamy, cheese and tastiness of yeasty ingredients. Sure, give it a try to the LA version of authentic German bagels.

Location: Yeastie Boys Bagels, 3900 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Timings: Wed-Sun 8 am–2 pm

Must Try: Rueben bagel and Lox bagel

Price For 2: $20–30

LA provides its local community with a wide range of choices on the street food menu. People have a lot to explore and the most fantastic tastes all over the city of Los Angeles. If the same high-end restaurants have started to bore after some time, then the street-side delights have something for everyone.