7 Healthy Yet Traditional Snacks For Festivities
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Lohri 2024 celebrations in the USA are at their peak, with places like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston witnessing delightful gatherings. Amidst celebrations, you can't ignore health, as health comes first. Let us look out for different kinds of healthy snacks that you can eat being a true Indian at heart but keeping my health check in line. You can also prepare these Lohri dishes for your close ones as a great snacking option, which does not intensify the calorie intake but satisfies the heart amidst celebration and joy.

From different kinds of chikkis to gur halwa and aate ki pinni, every smoking option is healthy and delicious, inculcating the celebration and flavours with each bite. If you are someone who is looking for homemade options to cook and celebrate Lohri, embracing home, a little closer to your heart. Make sure that you try out these snacking options as perfect mood boosters.

7 Healthy Yet Traditional Snacks For Festivities For You To Try

1. Zarda

Zarda, a sweet rice dish, can be made healthier by using brown rice, with nuts and reducing sugar. Brown rice is rich in fibre, providing sustained energy, and nuts add healthy fats and proteins. Zarda is a Lohri staple too. The taste is delicious, and the dish can be elevated by the use of saffron of the best quality as garnish and essence. Try this dish for all your cravings!

2. Jaggery Oatmeal Chikki

Jaggery Oatmeal Chikki is a nutritious snack made of jaggery, oats, and nuts. Jaggery is a natural sweetener with essential minerals, while oats offer fibre and sustained energy. This Lohri treat signifies the celebration of the harvest season and adds a health-conscious element to traditional sweets made with gur, such as badam chikki, gur til chikki and many more. Gur is also popularly used in celebratory dishes and is the perfect snack choice for winter soothing your soul.

3. Gur Makhana

Gur Makhana, or jaggery-coated fox nuts, is a low-fat, high-fiber snack. Makhana is gluten-free and versatile. They are great as a diet-friendly snacking option. That way Gur Makhana is very sweet and delicious and can be one of the best Lohri snacks. Also, this twist on traditional snacking options makes sure that you are not missing out on any of the festival snacks and are right on track with the calorie count.

4. Sarson ka Saag /Baked Makki di Roti

If you don't like buttery dishes, try Sarson ka Saag and Baked Makki di Roti represent a wholesome, nutritious Lohri meal that is also eaten as a snack. Mustard greens in Sarson ka Saag are rich in vitamins, and baked makki di roti is a healthier alternative to the traditional fried version, offering a lighter option while maintaining the festival's cultural significance. Baked Makki di Roti can also be eaten with chai, and Sarson ka Saag can be made with olive oil instead of ghee. 

5. Aate ki Pinni

Aate ki Pinni, made from whole wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery, is nutritious and filled with energy. The use of whole wheat provides fibre, and jaggery adds sweetness to the snack, making it perfect for healthy options. This is very nostalgic and famous in terms of celebratory dishes and can be made within 15 minutes. People who are dieting can also try out this dish as it has various healthy elements to it.

6. Rewri

Rewri, made with sesame seeds and jaggery, is a perfect crunchy snack with health benefits to it. Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium and iron and Rewri holds cultural significance during Lohri, representing the festival's joy and sweetness shared among family and friends. Try out Rewri as it does not make heavy lifts in calories, but it is very sweet and festive to the occasion, perfect for midnight snacks.

7. Gur Ka Halwa

You need to try semolina pudding with jaggery, which is a healthier alternative to dense sugar desserts. Jaggery provides iron and other minerals, while semolina adds a source of carbohydrates. Gur Ka Halwa embodies the festive spirit of Lohri, representing warmth and sweetness in relationships and life celebrations. This is a perfect dish that you can devour with your family and friends on any occasion. One can also add nuts to elevate the taste as the garnish.

One of the best things about healthier alternatives to festive snacking is that you will not gain some extra pounds even if you eat more since these are healthier alternatives. Try out these Lohri snacks today!