Kidney Beans Delight: 6 Power Packed Indian Recipes To Try
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Kidney beans have travelled across the world and transformed into many delectable recipes that grace the tables today. These beans might originally be Mexican, but the way the world has adapted it is astonishing. Today, these kidney beans have become an inseparable part of many cuisines around the world and known by different names like Rajma in India, Fagioli rossi in Italy and so on.

From warming chilli con carne to savoury rajma chawal and beyond to Mediterranean salads and Middle Eastern stews, the uses of kidney beans are far-reaching. There is no end to the dishes one can make with these nutrient-dense beans. And the way India has highlighted this quality of kidney beans is unmatched.

Learn about the hearty Indian recipes made with kidney beans and see how different Indian ingredients perfectly complement these beans.

6 Indian Recipes With Kidney Beans

1) Rajma Curry

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Rajma curry is a satisfying, thick gravy-based dish made with kidney beans. It is widely popular in North India and other parts of the country. The gravy is formed with tomato puree, spices, onion, garlic paste, green chillies, and herbs. This dish is especially eaten with long-grain, fragrant basmati rice.

2) Rajma Dal Soup

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Rajma dal is a lentil soup with the addition of rajma beans. This recipe is made by mixing different lentils, such as red lentils, split pigeon peas, split mung beans, and split black lentils. It is exceptionally healthy and packed with proteins, minerals, amino acids, and fibre.

3) Rajma Pulao

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Rajma pulao is a rice-based dish that can be your protein-packed one-pot recipe for busy days. The aromatic basmati rice complements the comforting flavour and texture of rajma so well that each bite gives a satisfactory experience.

4) Rajma Raita

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Rajma raita is a yoghurt-based recipe paired with biryani, khichdi, dal chawal and many rice-based recipes. In this, the cooked rajma beans are dunked in tempered yoghurt and let rest so the beans absorb all the flavour. It is served chilled and offers a nutritional side for many dishes.

5) Rajma Cutlet

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Rajma cutlets are made with cooked and mashed rajma beans combined with mashed potato, chopped onions, chillies, coriander, and spices. The mixture is then made into small balls, covered with slurry and vermicelli, and fried until golden. You can air fry or bake them to make this snack healthier.

6) Rajma Tikki

Similar to a rajma cutlet, rajma tikki is made by combining cooked rajma with mashed potatoes. But instead of coating it with vermicelli and slurry, this recipe adds breadcrumbs to the mixture and fries it without coating. Other boiled vegetables like cauliflower and carrots can also be added for an enhanced flavour. Again, opt for air-frying and baking methods for added health benefits.

Try these delicious Indian recipes made with rajma beans and say cheers to your health. Whether you want to make a cosy lunch recipe or a comforting dinner meal, these kidney beans recipes will be perfect for you and your family.