Josh Cellars: A Wine Brand That Became A Viral Sensation
Image Credit: Josh Cellars | Instagram

If you are living in this age and surfing through social media at least two times a day, you might have come across this meme and laughed out loud. Reading the title of this article, you can guess what meme it would be. The brand that was around for more than 20 years suddenly became a viral meme overnight through Twitter, and now people can't stop sharing it with their friends. It’s a meme about Josh Cellars, an American Wine company that produces premium California Wine.

Established in 2007, Josh Cellars became the best-selling premium table wine brand in the United States in 2023 and the most popular brand in the country. Named after the father of owner Joseph Carr, Josh Cellars is known for its creative marketing campaigns which gather a lot of attention. With sketchy ad taglines and terms like “Joshgiving” and "I love that it's called Josh,” their ad campaigns took the brand to the public spotlight.

In 2024, a user took to Twitter and shared a photo of the bottle with the caption mentioning that people should opt for Josh Cellars wine rather than Stella and Barefoot. That post quickly got flooded with comments, replies, and reposts. One tweet says that they don’t even know what Josh Wine is on which the official Josh Cellar account comments, “Me.” This quickly started a wave of Josh Wine memes, with people creating new and innovative puns for that simple wine name.

After the tweet, several memes started to surface one by one and soon took over the internet. Many users noted the absurdity of Josh's plain human name being printed in a complex cursive typeface. A brand with such a simple human name became an overnight internet sensation that its puns are now becoming a Gen Z obsession.

The brand is extremely enjoying its newfound popularity and is only giving a push to this trend by sharing more related puns on their X (Twitter). These incredibly creative memes are, apart from being hilarious, giving the brand an engagement boost on all their social media profiles. Before this, the brand's primary audience was limited to the Baby Boomer generation. At this time, no day goes by without even one Josh Wine meme showing up on the feed.

Image Credit: Josh Cellars | Instagram

After the brand's creative marketing campaigns, this meme sensation is now propelling the brand to new heights. The reason why Josh Wine is becoming a preferred wine for the new generation is that despite being exquisite, it is available at a cheap price, as low as $8 for a medium bottle. Although memes for Josh Cellars have been around for nearly 20 years, this new wave is creating a huge buzz in recent times, leaving everyone rolling on the floor laughing.