Jamie Oliver Got Uncle Roger’s Approval For The First Time
Image Credit: Jamie Oliver/ Flickr

Jamie Oliver's first and only restaurant in Malaysia is located in KLIA Terminal 1, at MTB-5-L33, Level 5, Main Terminal Building. The restaurant is open for grab-and-go from 8 AM–5 PM and for dining from 11 AM–7 PM.  Some say the pizza has high-quality ingredients and tasty flavours, and that the pesto pasta is good. Others mention the Spanish latte and Margherita pizza. 

Uncle Roger also uploaded a video inspecting how Oliver did. Curious he tried Margarita Pizza. To his surprise, he found it good. The audience finds Uncle Roger giving compliments to Oliver hard to believe. Many claim this happened because it’s Nigel's home country and Oliver’s first restaurant in Malaysia had them connect on mutual ground. A sponsor review will genuinely help them both make a change. 

To everyone’s surprise, Nigel commented that this was a genuine review and everyone is welcome. He said the pizza was decent. Many know this is the best Oliver can get from Uncle Roger. A compliment claiming “decent” between Uncle Roger and Oliver is a huge upgrade.   

An English celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author is Jamie Trevor Oliver MBE OSI. Due to his reputation for casual dining, he has opened many eateries and fronted multiple television shows.

When The Naked Chef, Oliver's television series, debuted in 1999, it became widely known. He launched the Feed Me Better campaign in 2005 intending to introduce healthier diets to kids. The government eventually backed the programme. Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group was the restaurant company he owned, with Jamie's Italian being the first to launch in Oxford in 2008. In May 2019, the chain entered administration. He received the 2010 TED Prize for his TED Talk. Oliver became a Member of the Order of the British Empire in June 2003.

Everyone knows about Uncle Roger, the best-cooking roast figure of all time. Nigel, a 32-year-old Malaysian stand-up comedian and online celebrity, has made multiple television show appearances and tours.

Nigel was born in Malaysia and now resides in London. His parents are Chinese Malaysians with Hokkien heritage. He relocated to the United States to attend Northwestern University, where he majored in engineering and minored in philosophy, following his 2009 high school graduation from Kuala Lumpur. After discovering he was really amusing at parties, Nigel—who had begun his career as a data scientist—decided to pursue comedy. He made his TV debut in 2018 on Comedy Central's Stand Up Central.

Through his online alias "Uncle Roger," who mockingly analyses cookery videos while purposefully mimicking a Southeast Asian English accent, Nigel gained notoriety. Though this character was first created for a sitcom by Nigel's comedic partner Evelyn Mok, it was Nigel who took the persona farther, first on TikTok, then on Instagram, and finally on YouTube. Based on Asian culture, the pair also hosts the comic podcast Rice To Meet You.

He first gained attention in July 2020 when he appeared as Uncle Roger in a video critique of Harsha Patel's BBC Food film on how to make egg-fried rice.

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