Iced Tea For Summer: 7 Refreshing Recipes For Cooling Comfort
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In the scorching heat of summer, the refreshing drinks give the maximum comfort. And iced teas prove to be the greatest refreshment, surpassing even the freshly squeezed fruit juices. That's right! The level of comfort and refreshment that come from iced tea is unmatched.

You might be wondering why and how iced tea is the best. Well, to answer that, here are some fun facts about iced tea that you should know. Iced tea is more than just a cold beverage. It is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that do more than just give relief from heat. Not only does it have the excellent properties of tea, but it is also made from nutritious ingredients which have different benefits.

Now that you know why you should drink iced tea in summer, here are amazing recipes to try and enjoy the refreshment and savour the taste.

Make These Iced Teas To Enjoy Summer Even More 

1) Raspberry Iced Tea

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Raspberry iced tea has a sweet-tart flavour that combines well with the astringent flavour of tea. To make this tea, raspberries are smashed rather than ground to absorb concentrated flavour. Include the pieces of raspberry while brewing the tea and then cool it off by adding ice cubes.

2) Pineapple Iced Tea

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Pineapple iced tea gives a more tropical twist to the enjoyment with the addition of sweet and tart flavour. Use as many pieces of pineapple as you like for the strongest flavour and top it off with some fresh mint.

3) Cold Brew Iced Tea

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 Cold Brew iced tea is incredibly easy to make and all you have to do is extract all the flavour of tea with the cold brew technique. When you let the drops drip bit by bit in the cup, it results in the most concentrated flavour and removes all the bitterness.

4) Rooh Afza Iced Tea

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Rooh Afza is a peculiar addition to iced tea, but it is one of the best. The fruity flavour of Rooh afza with the flowery notes of rose and kewra makes this the most flavourful drink for summer. You can opt for alternatives of rooh afza syrup with a similar composition.

5) Sweet Lemon Iced Tea

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Sweet lemon iced tea brings the revitalising zesty flavour of lemon with the warmth of honey and the refreshment of tea. Add lemon wedges for garnishing and top it with mint leaves for a green tint. You can also add extracts of tangerine juice for a citrusy kick.

6) Cranberry Mint Iced Tea

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This tea highlights the sweeter side of cranberry with savoury after nodes which leaves an impression on the taste buds. Despite being a fall-season fruit, you can still enjoy its festive flavour in the summer with a refreshing kick of mint.

7) Watermelon Iced Tea

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Watermelon iced tea represents summer like nothing else. The refreshingly delicate flavour of watermelon in iced tea gives the most pleasant experience in the soaring heat. You can enjoy it anytime while taking breaks from your work, and it will help you get relief from tiredness.

These refreshing iced tea recipes get even better when you switch sugar with healthy sugar supplements like stevia, honey, or maple syrup. It is the best way to enjoy seasonal flavours while revitalising the body and giving relief from soaring temperatures. Try it and you’ll love it.