Hong Kong Milk Tea, A drink So Simple Yet Indulgent Trends Again
Image Credit: Pexels

The entire spectrum of world cuisines is available at thousands of restaurants. However, some decades old, the city's basic diner-style cafés are still quite popular with locals and do brisk business.

Known as "cha chaan tengs" or "tea restaurants" in Cantonese, they provide inexpensive versions of regional specialities, including macaroni and noodle soups, fried egg sandwiches, and buttery French toast.

The traditional side dish is milk tea, or "lai cha," a tart, dark-tan beverage created from mixtures of black tea that have been repeatedly squeezed to extract maximum strength and then combined with evaporated or condensed milk.

Although the milk tea frenzy may be waning, dessert businesses are still creating new, themed items to capitalise on the trend. After searching for milk tea flavours, here are the most viral Hong Kong milk tea desserts.

Shaved ice with Thai milk tea is another exquisite sweet with a hint of milk tea flavour. In addition to making a mean traditional Thai milk tea, ChaTraMue has introduced a new dessert called Thai Milk Tea Shaved Ice ($88), with small biscuit puffs, grass jelly, and condensed milk tea sauce. 

A creamy cream topping cascades gently down the milk tea slope atop the mountain of fluffy shaved ice. Isn't that the tastiest thing you can imagine on a sweltering summer's day? 

Do you know what avalanche cakes are? The Bubble Milk Tea Avalanche Cake (which starts at $380) is Miss Marble's best-selling dish. Miss Marble is well-known in Tsim Sha Tsui for stylish and visually appealing creations. 

The cake consists of two layers. It has a tall layer of cream above the chiffon at the bottom and a plastic cover that keeps everything together. Japanese flour gives the chiffon cake a light and fluffy texture, while Twinings Earl Grey tea makes the cream layer.


After you've taken as many Instagram-worthy photos as you can, just untie the ribbon that secures the plastic lid, and the cream layer will fall around the cake like an avalanche!

Thank the dessert gods that macarons with a milk tea flavour exist! Anne Cheung, a renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school graduate, founded Jouer, specialising in creative macaron varieties and finely constructed cakes to satisfy Hong Kong's sweet tooths. 

Remarkably, other varieties with beverage themes are available, with the Hong Kong Milk Tea Macaron ($100 for six pieces) being just one of them. Additionally, Horlicks, Ribena, and salted lime 7-Up sweets can help you rediscover your passion for the flavours of your childhood. It's almost like someone copied and pasted the cha chaan teng menu onto macarons! 

A typical Hong Kong beverage, red bean ice is available in practically every cha chaan teng; nevertheless, adding milk tea to the mix? That is worthy of news now! Tsim Sha Tsui's Caring Tea specialises in modernising regional drinks and serves them in stylish cups adorned with our beautiful city's skyline—pretty enough to keep and use again! 

All these delicacies have been making headlines, whether in Hong Kong or the USA. Tik tok is swooning over hong kong milk tea. Does this flavour potentially boon as one of the prominent flavours?