Holi USA 2024: 9 Summer Salad Bowls For The Ultimate Festival
Image Credit: Pexels

Festivals may come and go, but fitness enthusiasts are very conscious about what they eat and what they do not. If one is looking for a conscious and healthy brunch for your festivities. It's not a bad idea to decorate your salad bowls as colourful as they can be with lots of taste jingles to make the guests a healthy meal. 

Salads are known to be healthy, and it is one of the best ways to include different kinds of veggies and fruits into the brunch with lots of dressings and proteins of choice. 

While salads are wonderful and gratifying year-round, they are particularly so in the summer. Salads are a great option when the weather gets hot, and the food is abundant and fresh! Try these colourful salads to get the best of Holi. 

9 Colourful Salad Bowls For This Holi

1. Corn Salad

With a light homemade vinaigrette, the summer corn salad has tasty fresh vegetables. It's simple to prepare with just a few ingredients—fresh corn, tomatoes, basil and feta cheese. Moreover, no cooking is necessary! Yes, the corn doesn't even need to be cooked. This is a simple dish for a summer salad packed with flavours and textures. It's ideal for summer cookouts and will surely please a large audience.

2. Apple And White Cheddar Salad

The grilled chicken salad with apple and white cheddar makes a quick, simple, and healthful dinner. This sweet and spicy summer salad is ideal for a filling and healthful lunch or a simple weekday supper. To save time, the honey-apple cider vinaigrette can be used as a salad dressing and a marinade for the chicken. This salad has so many different flavours and textures, so it's sure to please and taste great!

3. Asian Chicken Salad

The refreshing and crispy Asian chicken salad is ideal for a summer meal or lunch. A straightforward Asian vinaigrette gives it a tonne of taste. This salad, which features marinated Teriyaki chicken, crispy wonton chips, and shredded crispy vegetables, is the ideal balance of flavour and texture. Serve it for a simple weeknight meal or at potlucks, picnics, and barbecues.

4. Vegetable Tortellini Salad  

Since it's so delicious, you might have to prepare extra vegetables for this summer's tortellini salad. The ingredients include fresh veggies from the garden, cheese-stuffed tortellini, and a zesty herb vinaigrette. This recipe for summer salad is easy to prepare and full of delicious, fresh vegetables. You will want to come back for more. Ideal for potlucks and dinner parties or as leftovers for lunch.

5. Peach Salad

Peach Salad recipe for summer peach salad works well for a hearty and satisfying lunch or as a wonderful side dish for dinner. The walnuts and avocados provide a wonderful supply of healthy fats and protein. It's a real winner, made with delightful honey poppy seed dressing and fresh summer fruit. This summer salad is ideal for hot days when you don't want to cook because it's wonderful for picnics and barbecues!

6. Pasta Salad With Olive Oil Dressing

Pasta salads are a summertime barbecue and picnic mainstay. They are ideal for feeding big groups of people and can be prepared in advance. Perfect for any summer event, this pasta salad with Italian dressing is simple to prepare. The homemade Italian dressing has a great flavour and is fresh and light. Because it's so simple to prepare in advance, the salad is ideal for feeding large groups of people. Serve it at dinner parties, potlucks, and barbecues. A pasta salad suitable for summer that the whole family will enjoy!

7. Seasonal Salad

Seasonal Salad is a vibrant summer salad which is full of fresh ingredients and very simple to prepare. It can be created with any variant, including avocado, sunflower seeds, and feta cheese. The vinaigrette dressing may be prepared in less than five minutes using just five ingredients. The summer salad is a filling lunch or the ideal nutritious side of any supper. If you want to serve it as the main course, add some protein, such as prawns or chicken.

8. Strawberry-Spinach Salad

Strawberry-Spinach Salad vibrant, light, and tasty, perfect for any time of day. It's topped with a delicious, simple-to-make homemade poppyseed dressing. The feta cheese adds a salty touch, while the sweet strawberries and balsamic vinegar in the dressing make a wonderful combination. This is the ideal nutritious side dish for lunch, supper, or a light meal on a sweltering summer day. This salad may become your new favourite summertime strawberry dish.

9. Summertime Salad 

Sometimes, all you need to cool down your supper on a steamy summer's day is a simple salad of vegetables. This cool summertime vegetable salad is loaded with crisp, fresh vegetables and comes together quickly. Then, it's topped with a homemade, tart lemon juice dressing and flavourful olive oil. Ideal summertime side dish for any kind of gathering!

Holi also marks the onset of summer. Various activities happen alongside playing with colours and lots of food. These summer salads are a good way to rejuvenate by having something fresh in the heat.