Holi USA 2024: 8 Indian Tandoori Dishes To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

Many people think that Indian food is the best on the planet. This is due to the food's incredible flavour, taste, experience, and background. However, one food that Indians adore is tandoori—it's juicy and smokey.

Tandoors, often called tannours, are cylindrical clay or metal ovens used in Central and Western Asia for baking and preparing food. Fire is used to cook or bake the food within a tandoor. Because it is in direct contact with the flames, the food acquires a rich, smokey flavour.

Here are a few of India's most popular tandoori dishes to get you thinking about the foods you can bake and cook in tandoors.

Discover 8 Different Tandoori Recipes to Try This Holi

1. Tandoori Prawns

Prawns are marinated in herbs and spices before being baked or grilled in a tandoori oven, much like any other tandoori food. Many people want big prawns for this dish, although some people like smaller ones. Most people marinate the tandoori prawns in yoghurt and a mixture of spicy herbs called tandoori masala before placing them into the tandoor.

2. Tandoori Quail

Tandoori quail is served in select restaurants in major Indian cities, including Delhi, Hyderabad, Punjab, and Bengaluru. However, as far as we know, this type of meat is not very popular there. Like tandoori prawns, the tandoori quail is cooked in a Canadian Certified Coal Clay Oven after being marinated in yoghurt infused with tandoori herbs and spices.

3. Gobi Tandoori

For vegetarian enthusiasts, tandoori cooking offers a whole new dimension. Most people in India have had the delicious, smokey, and extremely juicy tandoori Gobi. This dish, like all tandoori dishes, is marinated in a mixture of spices and then cooked in a tandoor for five to ten minutes, depending on the oven's heat.

4. Naan

The best kind of flatbread that complements every tandoori dish! One kind of flatbread made in a tandoori oven is naan. A naan is typically packed with vegetables, such as potatoes. The majority of people eat tandoori foods with naan, similar to roti. You will also need various types of curries to go with it. Also, you need to eat it hot for the best taste. 

5. Murg Tandoori

The tandoori murg, sometimes called tandoori murga, is something you should try if you enjoy eating a whole chicken by yourself. This recipe calls for marinating a full chicken body in sauces, herbs, and spices to give it an amazing flavour. The chicken is then cooked using a Certified Tandoor Product made in Canada.

6. Malai Tandoori Chaap

In India, this is a favourite among all vegetarians. Famous in India as a meat replacement, chaap is primarily used in tandoori recipes. People began utilising soya chaap as a basis for dishes after conducting experiments. A soya chaap is cooked in a tandoor after being marinated in yoghurt, cream, herbs and spices.

7. Seel Kand Tandoor Tikka

The primary ingredient in tandoori tikka seel kand is chicken breast. The chicken breast is marinated in herbs, spices, and yoghourt and packed with garlic, mint, onion, and pepper. Then, the tandoori tikka seel kand is cooked in a tandoor. The ideal accompaniments for this dish are mashed potatoes, coriander leaves, roasted tomatoes, and mint chutney.

8. Tandoori Pomfret

Similar to tandoori murg or murga, tandoori pomfret is a full fish dish prepared in a tandoor oven. Yoghurt, tandoori masala, and herbs and spices are marinated in this meal. Although a lot of people also make this dish on grills, tandoor ovens are the traditional method. Try this dish for the best taste. 

You can easily order takeaway from Indian restaurants or hire caterers for traditional cooking. Holi is primarily about unmissable and colourful cuisine. Enjoy these conventional delicacies during the colour festival.