Holi USA 2024: 10 Mandatory Gujiyas To Make
Image Credit: Pexels

The gujiya travelled far through space and time to gain notoriety in Indian cooking. Naturally, the name changed as it moved through each state individually. It is called Ghughra in Gujarat, Karanji in Maharashtra, and Pedakiya in Bihar.

It is thought that the gujiya originates from the Braj or Bundelkhand regions of India in its current form. Regardless, khoya has always been the preferred filing for gujiyas. Currently, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh comprise this cultural region.

The Radha Raman temple in Vrindavan is one of the town's oldest, having been built in 1542. The fact that Gujiya and Chandrakala are still included on the menu may indicate that they were part of a 500-year-old or older custom.

One person's inventiveness might not be the source of the pleasure. According to those who have researched its origins, gujiya originated in the 13th century and was a delightful clone of the samosa, which made its way to India via the Middle East. 

Now you know much about gujiya, why not try some new varieties this Holi?

10 Various Gujiyas to Taste 

1. Boondi Gujiya

Boondi, which are deep-fried gram flour drops soaked in sugar syrup, are a great substitute for gujiya stuffing if you have a big sweet tooth. The crunchy and sweet droplets are a fascinating filling that pays homage to the original gujiya's origins. Try it out at home for an impressive outcome. 

2. Gulkand Gujiya 

Gulaband, or the preserve of rose petals, is one of the most widely used ingredients to give paan and other Indian cuisines a rose flavour. This delectable preserve, which is primarily popular in the northern states of India, can be added to the filling and deep-fried as usual to give your standard gujiya a royal flavour. 

3. Apple Gujiya 

Apple gujiyas are cooked with a delicious filling consisting of chopped apples, khoya, spices, cashews, almonds, sugar, raisins, pistachios, and green cardamom, much like apple pie. You could also try substituting pears, bananas, or pineapples for the apples, which would be a certain way to win your youngster's love and celebrate holi.

4. Classic Gujiya

The khoya (dried whole milk) filling within can work wonders in your mouth when combined with a dash of nutmeg powder and crumbled almonds. The classic Gujiya, which has been tried and true for a very long time, but a dash of nutmeg can really make a difference. It is classic and nostalgic, one should not skip it. 

5. The Chocolate Gujiya 

Making a derivative of a sweet dish without considering chocolate is simply impossible. One word can only be implied when melted chocolate is poured into these delightfully sweet pockets: decadent! So please give this evil Gujiya version a shot. For the mishandled dark deliciousness, use dark chocolate as it will truly blow your mind!

6. The Bhaang Gujiya

In India, the public is only permitted to smoke cannabis during the Holi festival. Individuals move from one Holi celebration to another, dipping these. Give your guests a dose of Bhaang Gujiya if you're sick of the typical Thandai version of the dish. An alternative to the typical Gujiya and a sweetened version of the Bhaang!

7. The Nutella Gujiya

Every time a sweet dish is created that calls for a filling, someone on the earth needs to try it with Nutella. After all, Gujiyas and Nutella together are lethal. For those who have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect solution for any typical relaxed evening or the tedious chilling that follows Holi!

8. Jam Gujiya

The thought of jam in a gujiya conjures up enough sweetness in the air. Since it will be tough to manage more than one at a time, you can't overdose on this one. A delicious version that's worth trying this Holi! It will be better if the jam can be obtained from the organic farmer market. You can even make different jam variation pockets.

9. Fruit Gujiya

A blend of fresh fruits can be used as the filling if you're a health enthusiast who wants to give the classic gujiyas a nutritious makeover. In addition to adding a naturally occurring sweetness to the meal, fruits are a great source of nourishment. For an exterior that is crispy and crunchy and an inside that melts the fruit, you can easily chop or bake the fruits.

10. Rabdi Gujiya

Who hasn't heard of this delicious dessert? Rabdi alone satisfies every sweet craving, and just think of how delicious it would be coupled with gujiyas for a festive meal. Not fancy at all? Rabdi complements the flavour of any dessert, including malpuas and jalebi. All you need to do is dip the traditional gujiyas into rabdi to create the ideal party food.

Without question, Holi is a celebration of colours and happiness, but it also provides a lot of treats in the form of food. The irresistible "Gujiya," a deep-fried, crescent-shaped confection laced with sugar syrup and packed with even sweeter filling, is the one item that puts a smile on everyone's face. To make your holi feel more like home, try these.