Holi 2024 USA: 8 Malpua Variations To Make For The Festival
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Malpua is more than just a sweet. It is a principal Holi treat that has been a part of the festival for thousands of years. From the earliest mention in the Vedas in 1500 BC to many regional transformations by Rajputs and Mughals, Malpua is one of the oldest Indian deserts that went beyond the borders.

The recipe for Malpua has been passed on from generation to generation, and the one you see today melds modern convention with tradition. Malpuas today are generally made with all-purpose flour, but in earlier variations, barley flour was the main ingredient. Today, there are many delicious variations available, which also include various hacks.

If you want to try something simple but healthy, wheat jaggery Malpua is the perfect choice. If you are doing last-minute preparation, bread Malpua is there for you. And if you want to include something unique, paneer Malpua is up for the surprise element. The choices are endless, and each comes out delicious, as usual. Try these healthy Malpua recipes and indulge in the sweet flavours.

8 Must-Try Malpua Variations For Holi 

1) Classic Malpua

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Classic Malpua is made with all-purpose flour and can include khoya, condensed milk, and milk powder. To make a liquidy and creamy batter, combine the flour and dairy ingredients and flavour it with sugar and honey. This Malpua can be served with sheera or rabdi and makes a delightful Holi treat.

2) Vedic Barley Malpua Or Apupa

During Vedic times, Malpua was called Apupa and made with barley flour, a summer-season grain. The barley dough disks were boiled in water, fried in ghee, and dipped in honey instead of sugar. This recipe perfectly uses seasonal produce and makes a delightful dessert.

3) Whole Wheat Jaggery Malpua

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Whole Wheat and jaggery combine to create a fulfilling Malpua recipe that tastes utterly delicious. It is low in calories and can be a satisfying treat without making it a guilty pleasure. Its flavour profile doesn't change much; in fact, the taste becomes deeper, earthy, and intense.

4)  Paneer Malpua

The addition of paneer in the classic recipe takes the flavour and richness to the next level. Paneer has a slightly savoury flavour that melds perfectly with the sweet sugary taste. It also adds more creaminess to every bite, giving it an unforgettable feel.

5) Jowar Malpua

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Including jowar flour as the main ingredient in Malpua adds a winter element to this summer treat. Jowar or sorghum has a natural sweet taste that is beautifully reflected in the recipe. It also soaked sugar syrup and rabdi well, infusing every bit of it with indulging flavours.

6) Ragi Malpua

Just like Jowar, Ragi has a slightly sweet taste. It helps keep the body cool in the soaring heat of summer and makes a delicious Malpua for the festival. On the plus side, it is also gluten-free, which makes it an amazing addition to your healthy diet.

7) Bajra Til Mapua

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Bajra or Black Millet is another nutrition-rich grain which can form wholesome Malpuas for the festival. Add in jaggery and roasted sesame seeds to the bajra batter and make Malpuas just as usual. You can serve it with rabdi, sweet syrup or honey.

8) Bread Malpua

If you are making last-minute preparations, bread can also be a helpful alternative to make delicious Malpuas quickly. To enhance your health profile, you can use whole wheat or multigrain bread instead of all-purpose flour bread. Just fry the bread on both sides with some ghee on a griddle and soak it in sweet syrup or rabdi to serve.

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This Holi, make these delicious Malpua variations at home to bring more joy to the festivities. The healthier alternatives allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about your health.