Holi 2024: 7 Healthy and Easy Snacks To Try
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People smear and immerse each other with colour on Holi (Dhuleti). Water cannons and water-filled balloons are frequently used to play with and colour each other, and anyone and any place can be coloured. 

Groups often carry drums and other musical instruments as they move from location to location, singing and dancing. During the day, people visit family, and friends and enemies gather to talk, eat, drink, and indulge in Holi treats. In addition to celebrating fresh starts and forgiveness, Holi also has a customary purpose of fostering social harmony. 

Groups play the dholak and drums while others sing and dance. Following every colour-themed activity and enjoyment interval, gujiya, mathri, malpuas, and other customary treats are served. A component of the Holi celebration is using cold beverages, including marijuana-infused drinks.

These are some recipes you can attempt out of your house. Continue reading!

7 Healthy and Easy Snacks To Try

1. Gujiyas

Without gujiyas, Holi would simply not be the same. It is said to be this festival's star confection. In addition to being delicious, they are also quite simple to prepare at home. Gujiyas, a native of Rajasthan, are essentially sweet dumplings filled with a blend of dry fruits, fried semolina, and khoya. They are composed of flour or maida. 

2. Dahi Bhalle & Chaat Papdi

Several more delicious treats must be enjoyed during Holi, such as dahi bhalle, chaat papdi, and aloo tikki. "Gol gappe" is the reigning champion of all these snacks. The best day to give in to all of your chaat cravings is Holi. The Ganga-Jamuni group of Holi is more devoted to the chaat ritual. For those who are unaware, Northern Indian culture—especially that of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar—is referred to as Ganga-Jamuni culture.

3. Malpua

The malpua, which is like a pancake, comes next. Malpua is a straightforward, sugary, melt-in-your-mouth snack created with cardamom, sugar, bananas, milk, and all-purpose flour, or maida. All of these ingredients are combined and deep-fried. You may also put some khoya on top to give it a little edge. The origins of this royal dessert date back to the Mughal dynasty.

4. Dal Ki Kachori Moong

Another popular dish during the Holi season is moong dal ki kachori. These little balls of pastry, shaped like circles, are filled with a spicy blend of whole spices and moong dal. An excellent finger meal, kachori are typically served with tamarind chutney or aloo ki sabzi. Thus, during Holi, make sure you have kachori.

5. Dahi Vada

Another delectable dish we get to consume on Holi is Dahi vada. The vada is a deep-fried little ball composed of urad dal. It is typically served with thick curd and garnished with tamarind chutney, chilli powder, black pepper, mint, and savoury herbs. Try this dish at your home with simple ingredients and spices.

6. Thandai

It's a chilled beverage made exclusively in India for Holi. The nutty flavour of cashews and almonds is used to make thandai, also known as sardai. In addition, cardamom, rose petals, fennel seeds, megastar seeds, pepper, saffron, milk, and sugar are added to the nutritious drink. The unique Holi drink is served chilled and comes in various flavours. Bhaang Thandai is among the most well-liked variations of Thandai. Together with nuts and spicy spices, the drink contains a unique and very intoxicating blend of bhang.

7. Pakoda 

During the Holi holiday, bhajiya or pakoda are incredibly simple to prepare as snacks. All you need is besan or gramme flour to make pakoras. Add small chunks of cauliflower, potatoes, or onions, along with a dash of salt and chilli. Simply fry the ingredients in heated oil to make delicious Holi special pagodas. Typically, green coriander chutney is served with bhajiya.

Holi is a festival which is centred around customs, hues, and cuisine. Furthermore, eating becomes even more crucial when discussing the Holi festival of colours. Everyone enjoys Holi because it's a celebration with delicious food, fun, and joy. Holi is an epitome of delicious food and colours.