Holi 2024: 7 Drinks To Stay Hydrated While Playing With Colours
Image Credit: Pexels

You are already aware of how crucial it is to stay hydrated throughout the day, but sometimes that isn't enough. One can easily forget under the spell of excitement when playing Holi. 

Just drinking water might not be enough to help you recover from a demanding and exhausting Holi fight, whether you're attempting to rehydrate after a wild night at the celebration or you're attending events outside in the sun. 

This is because, in addition to having a thirst for fluids, your body also requires electrolytes to maintain proper fluid balance and perform vital tasks. 

If the body isn't getting enough fluids and water. Throughout the festival, you will be dehydrated, dizzy, and miss out on the enjoyment. 

With these beverages, stay hydrated and celebrate Holi to the fullest. 

Drinks to Remain Hydrated This Holi 2024 

1. Water

Water to relieve dehydration is really a no-brainer. It is among the best methods to stay hydrated. The hardest thing is always remembering to carry water, but having reusable water bottles that you can carry with you wherever makes this task simple. You can also carry insulated water bottles, which are great because they keep your water cool and refreshing all day. 

2. Flavoured Sparkling Water

Sparkling water with flavours adds extra joy to everything! Furthermore, most sparkling waters are free of additives and sugar, in contrast to sodas. Sparkling water tastes great when flavoured with sliced fruit, but it's also just as hydrating as regular water. It is the best water alternative that is low in sugar or is sugar-free. Additionally, prebiotics are added to some kinds, which might help feed the healthy bacteria in your stomach. 

3. Kombucha

It's likely that you've noticed kombucha everywhere lately. The naturally occurring probiotics in the fermented drink, which is produced with water, tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast, aid in re-establishing the proper balance of good bacteria in your digestive system. Consuming kombucha helps your digestion and general gut health since it contains beneficial microorganisms.

4. Fruit Juices/ Smoothie

You may receive hydration and a satisfying snack in one by blending your favourite fruits and vegetables into a smoothie or a drink. A drink doesn't have to look like water to be nutritious. Your smoothie should be based mostly on muscle-building protein, such as whey protein, yoghurt, milk, or cottage cheese, in addition to carbohydrates from fruit or vegetables. To create a tasty, nutrient-dense smoothie or drink, add a plant-based source of fat and fibre, such as nut butter or chia seeds, along with a flavouring component, such as cocoa powder.

5. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a well-liked hydration choice with a sweet, nutty flavour. It also contains a wealth of electrolytes, including magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which support fluid equilibrium. This is a great beverage choice for a post-workout boost, and it might be very handy for people playing Holi outdoors. If you don't like the taste of coconut water by itself, try blending it with sparkling water or mint or adding it to smoothies.

6. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is the most important substitute for water. It has, nevertheless, just gained the title of superfood. Aloe vera juice has strong regeneration qualities, antioxidant qualities, gut-detoxifying qualities, and enhanced beauty advantages. Aloe vera juice would help you stay hydrated and healthy at the same time. 

7. Lemon Water, Mint And Honey

Lemons, mints and raw honey are a tasty combination that is also rich in minerals and electrolytes. Pour one or two teaspoons of raw honey and half of a lemon juice with some mint leaves into your glass, stir, and sip. Use warm water and then add ice or freeze the drink before drinking if you prefer a chilly beverage because honey will dissolve more easily in warm water. To obtain an additional dose of trace minerals—which are excellent for aiding in the body's hydration—you can also add a little pinch of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt.

It's possible that you overexerted yourself without taking breaks to drink water, that the weather is too hot, or that you haven't hydrated enough. Dehydration can also result from excessive perspiration without adequate consumption of water or other hydrating beverages to restore your body's natural fluid balance. Stay hydrated, have fun to avoid this problem, and enjoy Holi to the fullest. Cheers to Holi!