Holi 2024: 7 Paneer Recipes To Add A Desi Twist To Your Lunch
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Lunch is an important part of the Holi festival. As this festival is usually celebrated during the day when the Sun is at its peak and marks the celebration of the coming Spring season, eating a meal with family during the daytime is considered auspicious. It is one of the reasons why families come together to share a meal while enjoying playing with colours and celebrating the spirit of the season. For this reason, it is important to have a lavish lunch meal that leaves an unforgettable expression in the memory and makes the festival even more enjoyable.

While non-veg makes a popular food option for Holi meals, many might avoid consuming non-veg on auspicious Hindu festivals. Therefore, this article mentions seven easy paneer curries you can add to your Holi lunch menu to present an array of delicious choices for vegetarians too.

From butter paneer to palak paneer, there are several delectable curries that can be made with paneer. Each of these recipes is so indulging and can be paired with naan, basmati rice, and almost anything to create a complete meal.

7 Paneer Recipes To Add To Your Holi Party Lunch Menu

1) Paneer Butter Masala

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Paneer butter masala or butter paneer can be called a vegetarian version of butter chicken which is made with tomato-based creamy gravy. With just some simple spices like paprika, turmeric, cumin and garam masala along with whole spices like bay leaves, cinnamon, clove and cardamom, this dish gains all of its volume. The addition of cashews adds thickness to the gravy and makes it more creamy.

2) Paneer Lababdar

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Paneer lababdar is made with just identical ingredients like butter paneer but the main difference between these two dishes is the texture. While butter paneer has a silky smooth gravy, the gravy in paneer lababdar is slightly chunky and has a delightful bite to it. This feeling adds to every mouthful, giving a rich taste in every bite.

3) Palak Paneer

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With a straightforward spinach-based gravy, palak paneer is simple to make and comes out extremely delicious in just a few minutes. For this, blanched spinach is blended to a fine paste and sauteed in oil along with some spices and seasonings. After that, shallow fried paneer cubes are added to it and simmered to let the flavours absorb.

4) Paneer Pasanda

As indulging as it looks, paneer pasanda tastes even better. The sandwiches, like paneer pieces, encasing a flavourful filling between the slices, just melt in your mouth right after you eat it. This curry too has a tomato puree base, and the sandwiched paneer pieces make all the difference. The paneer filling is prepared by mixing crumbled paneer with chopped cashews, spices and green chutney.

5) Paneer Tikka Masala

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Referred to as the most favourite paneer recipe of all time, paneer tikka masala is all you need to bring everyone's attention to the table. The smoky hot paneer pieces smothered in rich spicy gravy create an indulging treat perfect to pair with rice, roti and puri. You can serve paneer tikka and gravy separately so guests can have a choice to eat paneer tikka as a starter and as a main course too.

6) Kadai Paneer

Kadai paneer is often the mainstay paneer recipe that you'd make first and foremost when you're planning to add paneer to the festive menu. Luscious and warming spices fused in the chunks of paneer make this dish irresistible. With kadai paneer, you get an option to serve it as dry, semi-gravy or gravy as per your guests' preferences.

7) Shahi Paneer

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Bringing that royal touch to the table, shahi paneer’s aroma draws people from far away. The succulent pieces of paneer smothered in yoghurt-based sweet and savoury gravy and infused with spices just describes how the love of paneer would look like as a dish. Garnishing with fresh mint leaves elevates the taste to the next level.

For this Holi lunch menu, try these amazing paneer-based curry recipes and impress your guests with its delectable flavours. With several variations to try, you can serve these gravies in many forms and make two to three recipes from a single recipe only.