Gordon Ramsay & Selena Gomez Team Up Over A Breakfast Burger
Image Credit: YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and singer-actress Selena Gomez recently teamed up to make a breakfast burger in a viral video. Posted on YouTube, the video shows a different, softer side of Ramsay as he teaches Gomez step by step. They discuss their favourite breakfast foods, and Ramsay shares his expertise in cooking while Selena brings her enthusiasm. This unexpected duo's culinary adventure has gone viral and captivated over a million viewers online.


The video begins with Ramsay and Gomez engaging in a casual conversation about their favourite breakfast foods. Selena reveals her love for breakfast sandwiches, tacos, and burritos, while Gordon reminisces about mastering the art of making "the most amazing scrambled eggs" in Paris at the age of 22. Their collaborative cooking adventure, aiming to create a unique "Scrambled Eggs Turkey Bun" goes on further.

Image Credit: YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

As they start preparing the breakfast burger, Ramsay guides Gomez through each step, demonstrating his renowned culinary expertise. He offers valuable tips on cracking eggs, the right time to season them, and how to avoid overcooking, ensuring the dish's perfection.

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The turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, and chipotle mayo between toasted brioche buns, made it so delicious to look at (and taste as well)!

The video also provides insights into Ramsay and Gomez's personal tastes. While Selena admits her preference for chicken salad as a road snack and her struggle to add more greens into her diet, Ramsay confesses his lifelong love for scrambled eggs, a dish he could eat all day.

Apart from this video, if cooking is your passion, you would love to try some of Gordon Ramsay's famous recipes, including roast turkey, caramelized onion dip, sticky toffee puddings, roasted root vegetables with crushed pepitas, scrambled eggs, trifle, chicken piccata, rack of lamb, and baked salmon with lemon and dill. These are some of the signature dishes of Ramsay that represent his culinary versatility and excellence in the kitchen.

The internet's response to this unique collaboration has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have expressed their surprise and admiration for Ramsay's gentle and patient teaching style, a stark contrast to his usually critical demeanor. The rapport between Ramsay and Gomez, and their shared passion for cooking gave way to sparking discussions about relatable cooking experiences and culinary interests.

The video with Gordon Ramsay and Selena Gomez cooking a breakfast burger has been a big hit online. It's not just about the delicious burger they made, but it's also about seeing a new side of Ramsay. He's usually strict, but in this video, he's kind and helpful, teaching Selena how to cook.

What makes the video worth watching? It's the bonding. Apart from the delicious recipe, throughout the video, you will see two friends cooking and talking about what they like to eat. It shows that food can bring people together and make everyone happy. This cooking video has really caught people's attention and shows how much everyone loves good food and good company.