Girodano’s To Pequod’s, 7 Best Places For Pizza In Chicago
Image Credit: Paulie Gee's Pizza, Chicago

The relentless debate of pizza in Chicago often revolves around two distinct styles, Chicago deep-dish pizza and Chicago thin-crust pizza. While people may be divided in their opinions of which pizza represents the regional values and traditions, they can agree that both these pizzas have played a crucial role in shaping the city’s culinary identity.

While deep-dish pizza is famous for its multilayered mixtures of sauces and spices filling the thick, golden-brown and deep crust, thin-crust pizza is loved for its crispy and thin bread which enhances the flavour of every topping. Both are special in their own way. In Chicago, you will get to witness the immense passion and dedication that each pizza eatery puts into its pizzas to derive the best flavours.

Whether you go to old establishments to savour the authentic flavours or the newcomers to explore their modern menu, everywhere you will get the perfect satisfaction for your tastebuds. If you are not sure where to begin, this guide will help you locate the best pizzerias in Chicago.

7 Must Try Pizzerias In Chicago

1) Pequod's Pizza

Burt Katz started this pizza eatery in Morton Grove, Illinois in 1971. In 186 under its new ownership, the restaurant expanded its menu to include thin-crust pizza. This eatery gained a huge fan-following for its Pan Style Pizza with a Caramelised Crust. In 1992,  Pequod's Pizza ventured into Chicago's Lincoln Park to expand its territory. What started as a humble pizza place soon became an attraction in the city for being the best late-night pizza destination. Much praised as the “best deep-dish pizza in Chicago,” it is a must-try spot for every pizza lover. Check out their site to learn more by clicking here.

Location: 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Timings: Mon-Sat: 11 am–2 am; Sun: 11 am–12 am

Must Try: Deep-Dish Chicago Pizza

Price for 2: $50 approx.

Image Credit: Pequod's Pizza

2) Giordano's

Situated in multiple locations in Chicago, Giordano’s Pizza Dominion covers almost every area in the city and offers remarkable deep-dish pizzas with classic Italian flavours. Since 1974, they have been serving the best Italian flavours in the Windy City. “Born in Italy and Raised in Chicago,”  Giordano's is famous for its double-crusted cheese-stuffed masterpieces. On the menu, you will find the best sellers like Stuffed Pizza, Crispy Extra Thin Crust Pizza and Classic Italian dishes along with starters and desserts.

Location: 130 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

Timings: Sun-Thu: 11 am–10 pm; Fri-Sat: 11 am–11 pm

Must Try:  Stuffed Pizza, Crispy Extra Thin Crust Pizza

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Image Credit:  Giordano's | Instagram

3) Rosati's Pizza Of Chicago

Stretching its pizza empire across borders, Rosati’s Pizza of Chicago has more than 200 locations in the United States, each known for its unique offerings. For more than a century, Rosati’s has been serving the best Italian pizzas in the world, continuing the long family tradition. Their menu features the classic deep-dish pizza along with thin-crust pizza and delectable starters and desserts. You should try their stuffed and gluten-free options as well along with pastas and sides.

Location: 2218 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Timings: Mon-Wed: 10 am–2 am; Thu-Sat: 10 am–3 am; Sun: 11 am–2 am

Must Try: Deep-Dish Pizza, Thin-Crust Pizza, Pasta

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Image Credit: Rosati's Pizza Of Chicago | Facebook

4) Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

This family-owned local pizza chain is famed for its Italian classic and Chicago-style, deep-dish pizzas with buttery crusts. For more than 50 years, this restaurant has been serving the finest handmade pizzas created from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Guests often praised their thin-crust pizza, which is a must-try for new visitors. Along with thin-crust pizza, you should also try their wings, deep-dish pizza Malnati Chicago classic. You will also get to see some interesting shapes of deep-dish pizzas which makes the best eating experience.

Location: 439 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Timings: Sun-Thu: 11 am–11 pm; Fri-Sat: 11 am–12 am

Must Try: Thin-Crust Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza Malnati Chicago Classic, Wings

Price for 2: $100 approx.

Image Credit: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria | Instagram

5) Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana

If you want to savour Neopolitan Pizza, this place is best for you. Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana is an informal and casual eatery serving wood-oven  Neapolitan pizzas and craft cocktails. Bringing a slice of Italy to every palate, Forno Rosso will transport you to Italy with every bite. The reimagined charm of this eatery invites guests to have a comforting meal in a lively environment. On the menu, you will find classic Italian dishes along with American fusions. You should try their Pistachio Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza along with deep-dish Pizza.

Location: 3719 N Harlem Ave, Chicago, IL 60634, United States

Timings: Mon-Thu: 3–10 pm; Fri-Sun: 12–10 pm

Must Try: Pistachio Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza, Deep-dish Pizza

Price for 2: $70 approx.

Image Credit: Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana | Instagram

6) Zazas Pizzeria

Zazas Pizzeria features the best New York-style pizzas with Neapolitan fusions which is unique as compared to other eateirs. The most striking feature of their pizza is the thin and chewy crust topped with delicious toppings which is also customisable. Here you will get to see a rotating menu which changes every day. You will also find numerous vegetarian offerings with ingredients like truffled mushrooms,  Calabrian chilli, and Soppressata. Don’t miss their Bacon Ham Pie and Grandma Style Pizza upon your visit.

Location: 3037 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657, United States

Timings: Mon: Closed; Tue: 4–10 pm; Wed-Sat: 12–10 pm; Sun: 12–9 pm

Must Try:  Bacon Ham Pie and Grandma Style Pizza

Price for 2: $30 approx.

Image Credit: Zazas Pizzeria | Instagram

7) Paulie Gee's

Serving the best wood-fired pizza in a cosy and lively environment,  Paulie Gee's rustic charm and gourmet dishes will help you savour the perfect Chicago and Neapolitan-inspired Pizzas. Their wood-fired dishes like Greenpointer, which includes mozzarella cheese, arugula, olive oil, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese shavings, and Hellboy which includes Italian tomatoes and Berkshire soppressata piccante are the highlights on the menu. They also offer a vegan menu which includes gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients.

Location: 2451 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Timings: Mon-Wed: 5–10 pm; Thu: 5–11 pm; Fri: 5–10 pm; Sat: 9 am–2 pm, 4–11 pm; Sun: 9 am–2 pm, 4–10 pm

Must Try: Greenpointer, Hellboy

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Whether you want to try the classic deep-dish pizza or savour Italian flavours, Chicago is a perfect city to explore the diverse pizza dishes. If you are planning to travel to the Windy City, make sure to eat in these iconic restaurants.