Fruit Treasure: Know About 5 Pomegranate Health Benefits
Image Credit: Pexels

The pomegranate, or Punica granatum, is a deciduous shrub that bears fruit and belongs to the Punicoideae subfamily of the Lythraceae family. Its height ranges from 5 to 10 meters (16 to 33 feet). In numerous civilizations, pomegranates are associated with many symbols and myths.

Before being introduced and exported to other regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe, the pomegranate was believed to have originated in Afghanistan and Iran.

It was brought to California by Spanish settlers in 1769 and to Spanish America in the late 16th century. They are extensively grown in the Mediterranean Basin, the drier regions of Southeast Asia, North and Tropical Africa, South and Central Asia, West Asia, and the Caucasus region. 

In general, the fruit is in season from March to May in the Southern Hemisphere and from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere.

Pomegranates are used in baking, cooking, juice blends, meal garnishes, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, including wine and cocktails, either whole or as juiced sarcotestas. Here are five incredible benefits of the fruits to discover. 

Know About 5 Pomegranate Health Benefits

1. Pomegranates May Be Able To Prevent Cancer

Pomegranates may aid in the fight against breast and prostate cancer, according to some research. Promising evidence of pomegranate fruit extract decreasing the progression of prostate cancer was found in 2021 trial. Some were shown to have the ability to target certain cells and halt the spread of cancer. More rodent study seems to support this, but more extensive human research is definitely needed to demonstrate the benefits.

2. Pomegranates Are Heart-Healthy

Research indicates that the lowly pomegranate may benefit your heart. Given that heart disease is the primary cause of premature mortality, this is truly excellent news. According to a 2017 study, drinking pomegranate juice helped heart disease patients have fewer and milder episodes of angina, or pain brought on by a reduction in blood flow to the heart. The individuals who drank pomegranate juice also showed reduced levels of malondialdehyde and troponin, two substances that cause problems, according to the researchers.

3. Pomegranates Improve Blood Flow And Pressure

A small amount of studies suggest that regularly consuming pomegranate juice is beneficial for your blood. It can lower blood pressure, lessen oxidative stress, and help things stay in motion. Its effects may be beneficial even to persons with normal blood pressure. Pomegranate juice may aid with erectile dysfunction (ED), too. The corpus cavernosum, the spongy tissue that ascends your Johnson's shaft and hardens, is relaxed by it. It might also facilitate easier blood flow via it.

4. Pomegranates Have Health And Mental Benefits

Pomegranates may improve cognitive performance. Those in their middle and later years may find that a daily glass of pomegranate juice helps with memory. Recent studies on mice suggest that this impact might be more beneficial than previously believed. However, once more—mice. Fruit extracts have been shown in numerous studies to have beneficial effects on exercise.

5. Solutions for Skin Problems

Rich in polyphenols and potent antioxidants, pomegranates are widely recognized for curing hyperpigmentation, a condition characterised by dark areas on the skin. Pomegranate extracts were regularly applied to diminish hyperpigmentation without causing any adverse effects. This extract, rich in antioxidants, prevents acne and leaves skin smooth and glowing. In addition to these benefits, masks can protect the skin from UV rays and delay the ageing process.

Pomegranates are endowed with an abundance of antioxidants and minerals. Its powder makes brewing tea simple, and you can enjoy its many health advantages. Thus, the next time you eat a pomegranate, save the peels instead of discarding them and use them to make powder.