From Samosa To Bhaji: 7 Iconic Deep Fried Indian Snacks To Try
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Deep-fried treats are a significant part of Indian cuisine. One thing that makes Indian snacks special is the generous use of spices and ingredients that fill the heart.

Even while some of these treats do not originate here, the way this country has adopted the recipe and made it its own is just worth the praise. You will find these treats In many restaurants across the US or any other country, yet the taste of heritage in the homeland strikes like nothing else.

If you want to taste the best of Indian cuisine, these deep-fried snacks are a must for you. From samosas to bhaji, explore these iconic treats in the land of diversity and discover the comfort of their unfolding flavours.

Try These 7 Indian Deep Fried Treats

1) Samosa

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Samosa is the most well-known Indian snack which never originated in India. As a matter of fact, this snack actually originated in the Middle East and was brought to India by the Mughal Empire. In today's desi version, you’ll see a spicy potato filling instead of the original keema filling. The pastry wraps the filling and turns crispy golden when deep-frying.

2) Kachori

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Kachori also features a flaky pastry similar to samosa but the inside of it is filled with a spicy lentil filling. This snack originated in the royal land of Rajasthan. The filling is a mixture of yellow moong dal or urad dal, chickpea flour, black pepper, red chilli powder, salt and other spices. Unlike samosa, its shape is round and flattened, like an elliptical sphere.

3) Dal Pakora

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Dal pakora is made with soaked lentils, basically urad or moong daal, with the addition of spices and vegetables. The soaked lentils are ground into a fine paste and in it goes chopped onions, chillies, coriander, spices, salt and herbs. This snack is famous in every part of the country and is savoured in different ways.

4) Bhaji

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Bhaji is also a globally popular Indian snack which is made with a rich batter created with chickpea flour and hearty seasonings. You will find different variations of this snack including spinach bhaji, onion bhaji, vegetable bhaji and so on. While the ingredients change, the recipe remains the same.

5) Batata Vada

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This snack also features potato as the main ingredient. Batata vada combines potato filling wrapped with a batter similar to the bhaji. The filling is first shaped into small balls and dunked inside the chickpea batter then fried till golden crispy. It is famously served sandwiched between pav bread on the streets of Mumbai.

6) Medu Vada

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Medu Vada is a popular south Indian snack which is served with sambar and chutney. It is made with urad dal batter with a slightly thick consistency which allows it to create a doughnut-like shape without deforming. The batter is seasoned with mild spices which melds perfectly with the comforting texture.

7) Sev

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You might have seen sev being served on top of chaat and pani puri. Sev are those crispy yellow strands with a mild salty flavour and comforting taste of chickpea flour. First, the chickpea flour Is converted into a smooth batter and seasoned with some salt. Then it is piped directly on hot oil with the help of a unique spaghetti machine with very tiny holes.

These seven Indian deep-fried snacks are a hard miss if you are touring India. With the use of warming and comforting ingredients, these fried snacks leave a lasting impression. When you come across the unique taste of heritage, you will always be drawn to this country.