From Almonds to Oscars, Cillian Murphy's Unconventional Diet
Image Credit: Flickr/Pexels

Cillian Murphy "didn't eat dinner, ever" while filming Oppenheimer, according to his fellow cast members. Though this sounds shocking, it is true. The cast never saw him eating anything during the shoot. 

The Cork native Cillian, who plays the lead in the Oscar Nomination Christopher Nolan film, seems noticeably leaner than before, and it was previously reported that she skipped cast dinners and only ate an almond a day. The role required him to be physically demanding, and the appearance was a must, which Cillian took very seriously. 

The actors long before revealed details of the strict diet Murphy followed while portraying scientist J Robert Oppenheimer, who was instrumental in the creation of the atomic bomb. Also, the actress Blunt, who portrays Katherine "Kitty" Oppenheimer, Murphy's on-screen wife, claimed the filming location offered the actors dinners, a chance that is usually uncommon.

Along the dinner, while making the film, it was rumoured that Murphy had his own diet to follow. But, it was never anticipated that he never ate at all, leaving everyone in shock. 

Katherine told the news sources that it was unusual for all the actors to be on location together as they were all together in this isolated spot in the middle of the New Mexico desert where the shoot was taking place. Adding to it, she said that there was only one hotel too.

Adding to the convo and according to Blunt, Murphy was never eating and maintaining a strict diet. He says that the cast would usually not hang around, and everyone was at their place; even when they were at different locations, one couldn't see him eat or catch a glimpse. Adding to it, he also said that the only way to get food was the one neighbouring eatery where the cast got together, but still, he would not eat anything. It was shocking to him, too. 

Damon from the cast also said that Murphy's dedication to the role was incredible. And commented on the eatery that it wasn't like the kind of restaurant that was open 24 hours. The only way to get food was to get served for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. For everyone, it was like the dining hall where one would go in and see everybody, so everyone would just end up sitting together. All of them except Murphy were reported to be there. 

When the cast invited Cillian to dinner every night he didn't show up. Everyone was concerned about his health. Blunt confirmed that Murphy only ate one almond most nights or a little slice of apple for dinner. He did this frequently instead of eating. It was sure that because of his diet and demanding shoot, he was losing this much weight. 

Everyone was concerned about Murphy's routine and this extreme diet but in the end it was worth it. It is the dedication of Murphy and strict discipline that made him achieve what he is today. The role he played with much effort is now showing well-deserved success with most Oscar nominations 2024.