Eid Ul-Fitr 2024: 7 Vermicelli Dishes From Around The World
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Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the period of abstinence observed during the month of Ramadan. At the end of this fast period, it has been a tradition of breaking the fast with semiyan or sheer khurma. This tradition has been going on for generations whose exact origins are not known, but it is said to be inspired by Chinese cuisine.

The Eid feast is incomplete without the delectable vermicelli recipes. In many countries around the world including India, the Middle East and even the US, vermicelli is regarded as an important dish for the Eid feast whose tradition has been going on for centuries. In addition to the classic sheer khurma, several recipes are made with vermicelli around the world that feature a unique characteristic of this ingredient.

From sweet to savoury, warming and spicy, the versatility of vermicelli knows no bounds. If you too want to try some creative recipes with vermicelli this Eid, explore these delectable recipes from around the world.

7 Vermicelli Recipes You Should Make For Eid Feast

1) Sheer Khurma

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Sheer khurma is a classic for every Eid feast in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Traditionally, it is made with roasted vermicelli simmered in milk and flavoured with sugar, cardamom, and saffron, and garnished with dates, nuts, and sometimes rose water. You can try several variations by including some vanilla essence and condensed milk for a rich flavour.

2) Lebanese Rice With Vermicelli

Also called  "Roz bil Sha'riyeh" is a staple dish made with rice and toasted vermicelli noodles cooked together. There are other variations of this dish made in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. Cinnamon is often used to season this wholesome dish and it is garnished with toasted nuts. Serve it as a side or use it as a base for meat recipes, it will always taste the best.

3) Butter Toasted Sha’reyya

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Butter Toasted Sha’reyya is a famous Middle Eastern snack made by toasting vermicelli noodles in butter until golden brown. After toasting vermicelli, it is seasoned with spices such as cinnamon and simmered with broth for richness. This dish is prominently enjoyed in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine and is often accompanied by grilled meats, stews, or vegetable dishes.

4) Semiya Biryani

This is a South Indian delicacy made with roasted vermicelli noodles cooked with vegetables or meat. Aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, and garam masala are used for adding flavour. Similar to traditional biryani, it is prepared by layering semiya and meat or vegetables cooked together. This one-pot meal can serve your entire family.

5) Vermicelli Custard

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Enjoyed in various parts of the world including South Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe, vermicelli custard is a decadent sweet treat that almost feels like a revamped version of sheer khurma. But this time, the cream is thicker and fruit chunks add to the appeal. After cooking vermicelli in milk, it is sweetened with sugar and thickened with egg. Then dried fruits are added for flavour and bite.

6) Pilaf With Vermicelli

Pilaf made with vermicelli is a beloved staple of Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisines that contains butter toasted vermicelli cooked with rice and seasoned broth. Spices like cumin, cinnamon, and bay leaves add the characteristic mild flavours and depth to the dish. The addition of vegetables, nuts, or meats like chicken or lamb makes it a wholesome meal. It is commonly made in countries like Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Central Asian nations like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

7) Middle Eastern Kanafeh

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A decadent flaky dessert made by layering shredded phyllo dough (kataifi) with white cheese or akkawi and soaked in rose-flavoured sugar syrup can be the star of your Eid feast. This sweet is popular across countries such as Turkey, Egypt, and Syria and Arab communities worldwide. The top of this dessert is adorned with crushed pistachios or almonds.

This Eid, indulge in the delectable creations of vermicelli and enjoy its versatility by making these recipes. From the sweet sheer khurma to savoury biryani, these vermicelli recipes are sure to delight your guests.