Easter 2024: Discover The 7 Easter Cakes From Around The World
Image Credit: Simnel Cake for Easter by @_emminish_ via Instagram

Easter traditions have evolved and were inspired by several customs and conventions related to Spring festivities. One such tradition is the making of Easter Cake which comes from rituals performed during Spring Festivities. Easter Cake is viewed as an important treat for the festival where it is made and shared across communities, bringing harmony in relationships and celebrating new beginnings.

While the story of its origins is shrouded in mystery, popular tales connect its association with Ancient Greece where it was made to honour the goddess of the moon and hunting, and cakes symbolised the full moon. Another story takes us to Anglo-Saxon England where sweet buns were offered to the goddess of dawn and spring named Eostre, from where the name Easter was derived.

Coming from several traditions throughout the world, today the Easter Cake has become a Global Phenomenon without which the festival is deemed incomplete. If you are making a cake for Easter, consider making these amazing traditional recipes from around the world to add to your festive feast.

Explore 7 Easter Cakes From Around The World

1) Simnel Cake - UK

Image Credit: @deliziosavirtu via Instagram

Simnel cake, a delightful Easter treat, is a light, almondy fruitcake. It features white flour, sugar, butter, eggs, spices, dried fruit, and candied peel. What sets it apart is the layer of marzipan baked inside and on top. The marzipan balls represent the apostles.

2) Pashka - Russia

Image Credit: Freepik

Paskha, a rich Russian Orthodox Easter dessert, celebrates the end of Lent. It’s a crustless cheesecake made with farmer’s cheese, butter, sugar, and cream. Flavoured with lemon, orange zest, and vanilla bean, it’s served cold. Traditionally shaped like a pyramid, Paskha symbolises purity and joy, and thus is a special Easter day treat.

3) Mona de Pascua - Spain

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mona de Pascua, a colourful Catalan Easter cake, symbolises spring and the end of Lent. Typically made from sweet brioche dough, it’s stuffed with candied fruit and crowned with hard-boiled eggs. This delightful traditional cake brings joy to tables on Easter.

4)  Babovka - Czech Republic

Image Credit: Freepik

Bábovka, a traditional Czech cake, is a delightful Easter treat. Baked in a special pan, it resembles a sponge cake. The most common variant is the two-coloured marble bábovka. It’s light, fluffy, and often flavoured with vanilla and cocoa. This cake is seen as a symbol of celebration and community.

5) Colomba cake - Italy

Image Credit: Canva

Colomba Cake, known as Colomba di Pasqua, is the classic Italian Easter Sweet Bread shaped like a dove. It’s more of a sweet bread than a cake, similar to holiday panettone but denser. Filled with raisins and almonds, it’s a symbol of peace and renewal during Italian Easter celebrations.

6) Ricotta pie cake - Italy

Image Credit: Freepik

Ricotta Pie, a classic Italian Easter dessert, combines the best of cheesecake and pie. Its creamy ricotta filling, subtly sweet with a hint of lemon, rests in a simple pie crust. Traditionally served during Easter, this delightful dessert is served along with the festive feast.

7) Mazurek królewski - Poland

Image Credit: Freepik

Mazurek królewski, a traditional Polish Easter cake, is a very sweet, flat delight. Topped with fruit jam, dried fruit, nuts, caramel, or chocolate, it’s a piece of art on the festive table. Symbolising renewal and joy, this royal shortcrust cake is fit for a king!

Celebrate this Easter with these Easter Special cakes from around the world and bring joy to the festivities. By making these different cakes at home, you can relish the essence of Easter and in how many ways it is celebrated in different countries.