Doughnuts In Las Vegas: 5 Must-Visit 24/7 Spots
Image Credit: Dulce Donuts | Facebook

Doughnuts are deeply rooted in the culinary scene of Las Vegas. The city, which is known for its entertainment scene and sparkling streets, is also known for its sweet delicacies, of which doughnuts have earned a special regard.

With numerous doughnut places operating 24/7, Las Vegas becomes a destination for sweet tooths wanting to relish the delightful doughnuts while enjoying the dazzling streets. Whether you are a fan of glazed doughnuts or maple bars, you will find everything at these doughnut outlets.

This array of doughnut shops in Las Vegas caters to a variety of preferences. They serve various options ranging from classic favourites like bear claws to speciality choices such as vegan and cream or fruit-filled varieties. These establishments appeal to both traditionalists and those seeking unique doughnut experiences.

Explore These 5 24/7 Doughnut Places In Las Vegas

1) Donut Tyme

For more than three decades, Donut Tyme has been serving decadent doughnuts 24/7365. No matter what time you step in, you will savour the delightful array of doughnuts and beverages and enjoy the treat for your tastebuds. Donut Tyme’s journey began in 1989, and since then, they have had a motto of serving fresh doughnuts around the clock. You will find options on the menu like Glazed, Filled, Yeasty, Cake, Old-Fashioned, Buttermilk, Texas-sized, and Vegan.

Location: 4268 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Must Try: Glazed, Filled, Buttermilk, Vegan Doughnuts

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Image Credit: Donut Tyme | Facebook

2) Pinkbox Doughnuts

Pinkbox is a renowned doughnut chain offering classic and gourmet doughnuts in the city. Emerged with a mission to redefine modern-day America’s beloved dessert, Doughnut, Pinkbox serves a range of doughnut treats. Since its beginning, Pinkbox has introduced some innovative doughnut creations like the "Fat Elvis," a peanut butter banana fritter, and the decadent "Pooh.” Along with this, the iconic "Homer," features a pink-glazed delight that is also most loved. Their round-the-clock accessibility has made it a staple for doughnut lovers in Las Vegas.

Location:  7531 W Lake Mead Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89128, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Must Try: Fat Elvis, Pooh, Homer

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Image Credit: Pinkbox Doughnuts

3) Dulce Donuts

If you are craving an affordable and delightful doughnut experience, look no further than Dulce Donuts in Las Vegas! This unassuming spot offers a treasure trove of soft, expertly crafted, and beautifully topped doughnuts. Priced at just $12, including card fees, you'll savour 14 mouthwatering treats. Not only is the cost a steal, but each doughnut is fresh and perfectly executed. Embrace the basics with a diverse range of options and friendly staff, making your visit to Dulce Donuts a must-try delight.

Location: 701 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89108, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Must Try: Icecream Doughnuts, Glazed Doughnuts, Bagel Sandwich

Price for 2: $20 approx.

Image Credit:  Dulce Donuts | Facebook

4) Winchell's

Step into the inviting world of Winchell's Donut House, the West Coast's largest doughnut chain, offering a menu as diverse as it is delicious. With over 70 varieties of Warm ‘n Fresh™ doughnuts, tantalising cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, croissants, and savoury sandwiches, Winchell’s satisfies every craving. Try their top-grade fruit fillings, aromatic spices, and bittersweet chocolate frosting crafted with pure vegetable oil. Wash it down with specially blended dark roasted Arabica bean coffee or choose from a selection of hot and frozen cappuccino, milk, tea, soda, and freshly squeezed juices.

Location: 401 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Timings:  Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Must Try: Cinnamon Rolls, Bagels, Doughnuts

Price for 2: $40 approx.

5) Real Donuts

Experience the nostalgic flavour and warmth of Real Donuts, founded in 1994 and dedicated to delivering authentic and mouthwatering doughnuts. Explore a diverse menu featuring Mexican panes, tacos, burritos, and more. Also, try their beyond-classic favourites like the beloved bear claw. Their generously sized, budget-friendly doughnuts are available 24/7, providing a quick indulgence or a treat to bring home. Conveniently located by the 115 interstate, it's a pit stop of comfort and variety. With friendly staff and freshly made delights, Real Donuts is your go-to destination for a delightful culinary journey.

Location: 2212 E Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89030, United States

Timings:  Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Must Try: Dozen Doughnuts, Jumbo Doughnuts

Price for 2: $40 approx.

Indulge in the delightful sin of gluttony in the sin city and fulfil your sweet desire with these delightful doughnuts. With 24/7 service, these outlets make every hour a sweet hour and present a variety of doughnuts to try.