Viral Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad Is Taking Over The Internet
Image Credit: Chicken Ceasar Pasta Salad by @justataste from Instagram

What can be a more delightful meal that is soothing, nourishing, and leaves you aback by its satisfaction? This viral Chicken Caesar Pasta dish does just that by combining the succulence of chicken with the goodness of veggies and pasta covered in flavourful sauce. This recipe is not new and has been around for more than a couple of years. But this time it caught the attention of millions of people when a TikTok user shared her recipe with a twist.

Garnering more than 10M views till now, this viral Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad recipe is making netizens rethink their caesar pasta recipe. Even though it's been posted a year ago, its popularity bar still seems to go up and up to this day. Today, many food influencers and chefs have recreated this recipe countless times, still, the original recipe stands as a perfect example of a fusion of flavours and textures.

This recipe by Desha Jordan (@mealsbydesha2) on TikTok features rotini pasta cooked al dente and mixed with fresh vegetables, indulgent sauces, and the star ingredient “chicken.” She begins by stir-frying chicken pieces until they turn crispy from all angles. Then in the same pan, she frys some pieces of bacon to add a crunchy bite to the dish. Next up, she adds cooked chicken, boiled pasta, crispy bacon and bread croutons in a large bowl, and then tops it with parmesan cheese shreds, Caesar dressing, ranch, salad seasoning, and black pepper.

After adding all these ingredients, she mixes everything up until nicely combined and scoops up a big spoonful to show off the indulgent texture and sauces. This recipe is popular due to its straightforwardness and simplicity. With the crispness of bacon, juiciness of chicken, freshness of lettuce and overlapping flavours of seasonings, this recipe is acclaimed as one of the best.

With rave comments like “THAT LOOKS HEAVENLY✨” and “Was so good😍,” this recipe calls out every pasta lover to at least try this once.

Image Credit: Pexels

While many comments also showed concern regarding croutons getting soggy after being drenched in sauce, you can prevent this by adding croutons while serving. Also, you can top it with some extra crunchy lettuce while serving to keep the fresh flavours alive and keep it from being soggy.