Chocolate Chip Cookies Date Back 75 Years, Know How It Was Made
Image Credit: Pexels

It's true that chocolate chip cookies date back 75 years. In Tiktok, the original recipe is currently rather popular. 

American drop cookies are called chocolate chip cookies. Spooned bits of dough are "dropped" onto a baking sheet and baked in a medium oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until done. 

The original recipe calls for flour, butter, eggs, salt, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and both brown and white sugar. Some variations include muesli, nuts, etc. You can buy chocolate chip cookies in supermarkets and bakeries, or you can make them yourself.

Ruth Graves Wakefield unintentionally created the chocolate chip cookie. In the middle of the 1930s, she and her husband owned and ran Whitman, Massachusetts's Toll House Inn. Wakefield made desserts and lunches. She needed Baker's Chocolate for a recipe of butter drop cookies, but one day she ran out. 

She thought the crumbs would melt while the cookie baked, so she chopped up a semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate bar and put it in the batter. The pieces softened but did not entirely melt. The Toll House Cookie was the outcome. Nestlé printed the recipe on their chocolate packaging. Wakefield was given a lifetime supply of semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate in exchange for her consent to publish the recipe.

Born on June 17, 1903, Ruth Jones Graves Wakefield and lived until January 10, 1977. She was an American cook who gained notoriety for her breakthroughs in the baking industry. Many people mistakenly believe Ruth invented the original chocolate chip cookie recipe. In fact, she was the pioneer. 

Her new treat, the wildly successful Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie, is said to have been inspired when she returned from a holiday in Egypt. Ruth worked as a nutritionist, an educator, a businesswoman, and a published author throughout her life. She is best known for her cookbook, Ruth Wakefield's Toll House: Tried and True Recipes.

Ruth and her spouse purchased the Toll House Inn, a vacation resort. Because it was situated on what was once the toll road connecting Boston and New Bedford, it was given this name. The Inn's dining room went from seven tables to sixty as Ruth prepared meals for the guests using her recipes as well as some of her grandmother's old favourites, which were a hit. 

Because of how well-liked her recipes were, she published several cookbooks which were published in 1931.

What do you think about this recipe and how it is relevant to today’s simple recipe? Sure it is hard to predict how a dish this simple was literally invented and no one thought about it before. But it is what it is. Now everyone cherishes the recipe.