Chicago’s Famous Foods: Discover 5 Popular Relishes In The City
Image Credit: Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza | Pequod's Pizza

Chicago is famous for many things. Jazz Music, the Gangsters Era, amazing architecture and sports fandom are what tourists from across the world enjoy in this city. But these are not the only things that the Windy City is known for. The city’s iconic foods are also hype.

This city is known for giving birth to the most iconic eats famous all over the US. Chicago-style deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and the Polish sausage from Maxwell Street, these iconic eats wear the city’s name with style and are on everyone’s mind all the time.

 While these items are on the menu of almost every restaurant, there are some exceptional places that offer an unmatched taste. Find out what foods are famous in Chicago and where you'll get the best of them in the city.

These 5 Foods Is What Chicago Is Known For

1) Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza at Pequod’s Pizza

Image Credit: Pequod’s Pizza

The iconic deep-dish pizza is the one dish in front of any famous dish in Chicago. This pizza, unlike the traditional one, is cooked in a deep dish, which is how it gained its name. The benefit of cooking pizza this way is that you can load up generous amounts of sauces and toppings inside and fill everything up to the rim. The corners are thick and crusty, which makes it a perfect chewy indulgence. Pequod Pizza is known for its legacy of serving the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Visit their site by clicking here to explore more.

Location: 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Timings: Mon-Sat: 11 am–2 am; Sun: 11 am–12 am

Must Try:  Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

Price for 2: $35 approx.

2) Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Jim’s Original

Image Credit: Alex Vazquez

What makes Chicago’s Hot Dogs different from other hot dogs in the country is that it's made with Vienna sausage tucked inside a poppy seeds bun. It is then topped with yellow mustard, sweet pickled cucumber, chopped onions, and tomato slices. Dill pickle spear, pickled sport pepper and celery salt are added for flavouring, making this treat a daring adventure for some. You will find this best at Jim’s Original located in the University of Illinois Chicago.

Location:  1250 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60607

Timings: Mon-Sun: 6 am–1 am

Must Try: Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Price for 2: $30 approx.

3) Original Rainbow Cone at The Original Rainbow Cone - Beverly

Image Credit: The Original Rainbow Cone

Acclaimed as Chiocago’s favourite ice cream, the rainbow cone is all you need to brighten up your day. Serving this delightful treat for more than 95 years now, The Original Rainbow Cone coined this five-flavour ice cream cone, and it became the city’s most celebrated dessert. The five flavours included in this ice cream are Orange Sherbet, Pistachio, Palmer House, Strawberry, and Chocolate, making it a contrasting colourful treat. You will find many locations of this ice cream shop around the city, each serving the same taste.

Location: 9233 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60643

Timings: Mon-Sun: 11:30 am–9 pm

Must Try: Rainbow Cone

Price for 2: $25 approx.

4) Italian Meat Sandwich at Al’s

Image Credit: Al's

This sandwich may have Italian in its name, but it originated in Chicago. It's called Italian because it's served in a long French roll. The sandwich originated around the 1930s and it's still on the lips of every Chicagoan to this day. The slices of seasoned meat are simmered slowly and soaked in its own juices, which gives it a tender and flavorful taste. Then it is placed on the French roll and topped with condiments like giardiniera, sweet peppers, and melted cheese. You will find the best of this sandwich at Al’s, which has six locations around the city.

Location: 548 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

Timings: Mon-Sat: 10:30 am–12 am; Sun: 10:30 am–8 pm

Must Try: Italian Meat Sandwich

Price for 2: $30 approx.

5) Chicago-Style Cheesecake at Eli’s Cheesecake Company

Image Credit: Eli’s Cheesecake Company

Ever since the cheesecake was introduced in the city’s cuisine, it became an instant hit. Coining the local version of this treat, Eli’s created the signature Chicago-style cheesecake in the late 1970s. In the classic New York-style version, the cheesecake has a dense and smooth texture that gives a rich and creamy feel to the mouth. On the other hand, Chicago Cheesecake has a firm texture on the outside with a soft and creamy core. Go to Eli’s Cheesecake Company in the city to taste the original delight.

Location: 6701 W Forest Preserve Dr, Chicago, IL 60634,

Timings: Mon-Fri: 10 am–5 pm; Sat: 10 am–4 pm; Sun: Closed

Must Try: Chicago-Style Cheesecake

Price for 2: $30 approx.

Savour these famous delicacies in the city and understand why they became so popular. From savoury deep-dish pizza to creamy cheesecake, enjoy the fascination and wonderful taste of originality that you'll never get at any other place.