Britney Spears Opens Up About Her Honest Thoughts On Food
Image Credit: Pexels/Flickr

Everyone knows who Britney is! The famous Pop icon Britney Spears recently shared on Instagram her unbiased and one true love "food". She also opened up about her relationship with her body weight, stating it's always been candid. 

It was a candid post where the 42-year-old singer revealed her passion. Britney also mentions that food is her passion and everything. She also remembered various indulgent treats and reflected on her past experiences with food. She states incidents of her devouring hot chocolate, her favourite dessert from Wendy's and many more. Spears' journey with food is a mix of nostalgia, cravings, lots of humour and good memories.

Sharing with fans in her Instagram post, Spears confessed, "Food is my weakness, I will admit it!!!" with a photo of a tempting cup of hot chocolate. She also shares her childhood memory, where she used to dine with her mother. Continuing the story, she added that her mom used to ask her two things. Either it was "sit still" or "you are eating way too fast." Britney also said that her eating habits have never affected her weight, and she still eats what she craves at times without any guilt but only passion. 

Throughout the post, she also added that the new coffee place, BLAZE, has made her huge and pushed her weight to 140 pounds. She stated that  "I'm probably gonna do 140 now that this damn BLAZE coffee place has opened!!! DAMN!!!" She is never hesitant about what she will be eating next, making her craving surrender without any diet. 

She has also shared two of her all-time favourites. As she goes on, The first on the list is a secret hot fudge sundae from Wendy's with a deep-bottom brownie. Sure, brownies are love. She went nostalgic, stating that she still finds this beloved dessert on Wendy's menu, and even revealed that she occasionally enjoys it for dinner without any guilt.

Britney Spears also opened up about the health tips she learned from her ex-husband, Sam Asghari, who was a trainer. She said that eating time is crucial and acknowledged the complexity of her relationship with it. The singer also admitted that she sometimes finds herself looking into food commercials with an unappealing face. But then there are other times when she stops and drools over the same commercials. Commercials look tasty to everyone when hungry! 

She also shared a great way to find a partner's love where one can look at them as she looks at the hot chocolate. Finishing it with a last request, saying, "Pss, CAN I HAVE MORE PLEASE!!!"

Britney Spears' Instagram is not only giving fans a glimpse into her love for food but also how she is healing with time. Everyone is glad she is doing okay and is stable after many highs and lows.