The Breakup Boxes: Heartbreaks May Get Better With These Cookies
Image Credit: Instagram/insomniacookies

As February begins, it brings with it the promise of love and celebration. Many people get ready for a month full of romantic acts, like dinners with candles and gifts from the heart. During Valentine's season, there are a number of special days that are all about showing love in different ways. The biggest and best of these is Valentine's Day itself. Even though people are saying they love each other forever, not all relationships are meant to do well during the holiday season of love. 

Insomnia Cookies knows this and has come up with a creative way to help people who are having to end a relationship: custom cookie boxes with breakup messages. This one-of-a-kind item has quickly become a source of interest and humour on the internet, changing the way people say goodbye.

As a company known for its delicious treats, Insomnia Cookies recently shared on Instagram their newest creation: cookie boxes made especially for people who have just broken up. These boxes don't just contain a bunch of sweets; they also have personalised messages inside, ranging from funny to serious, meant to ease the pain of a breakup.

Funny twists on classic breakup lines include "It's not me, it's you" and "You're sweet, but not my taste." Messages like "Have the hots for your flatmate" and "We're done." "Have a nice life" is an honest, if a little harsh, way to end things.

These breakup cookies are both interesting and new because of their idea. In a month where all kinds of love are celebrated, Insomnia Cookies has found a way to honour the less pleasant parts of relationships: the breakups. When a company pairs the act of breaking up with the comforting appeal of cookies, they hope to add a bit of humour and sweetness to a sad time.

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People on social media have mostly said nice things about the breakup cookie boxes, and many have praised Insomnia Cookies for coming up with a creative way to deal with a tough situation. 

There has been a lot of talk and debate about the best (and worst) ways to end a relationship since the video of the cookie boxes went viral. The breakup cookies have definitely hit a nerve with people, whether they see them as a funny joke or a real product that can help people.

The fact that Insomnia Cookies made breakup cookie boxes is a fascinating mix of humour, new ideas, and tasty treats. It's common for breakups to be messy and painful, but these cookies are a unique and sweet way to make the end of a relationship a little less painful. 

The internet is both amused and interested in this unique way of saying goodbye as this trend continues to grow. Whether they're used seriously or just for fun, breakup cookies show how creatively companies are dealing with the complicated web of relationships.