Best Donuts In Chicago: 7 Places To Grab A Perfect Bite
Image Credit: Stan's Doughnuts, Chicago, IL

Chicago and its love for doughnuts is pristine. The city has many places where you can find the best fried dough delicacies in various amazing forms. These treats provide an amusing experience that is hard to forget.  From glazed to filled, long and round, circle, rectangle and ring, you will find your favourite form of doughnuts at every place.

At Doughnut Vault, you will get creative specialities like dulce de leche and honey bun cake, at Old Fashioned Donuts you will get fruity apple fritters. All of these places serve utterly delicious fried dough delicacies that make every food trip a memorable experience.

Find out more about what places serve the best doughnuts in the city and savour the best fluffy doughnuts and explore a world of flavours. Try the must-have choices on the menu to get the ultimate satisfaction and customise it based on your preference to make the experience even better.

7 Best Doughnut Spots In Chicago

1) Doughnut Vault

Image Credit: Doughnut Vault

At Doughnut Vault, doughnuts vanish in a blink of an eye so if you want to secure your favourite treat, you need to come as early as you can to avoid waiting in line. This spot is famous for the classics like old-fashioned buttermilk doughnuts and unique treats like honey bun cake, dulce de leche and whiskey caramel with pecans. Even though the treats might feel a little bit priced at first, but once you try it, you’ll feel every penny is worth it.

Location: 401 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60654

Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:30 am–1 pm

Must Try: Buttermilk Old Fashioned, Honey Bun Cake, Caramel Doughnuts with Pecans

Price For 2: $30 approx.

2) Dat Donut

Image Credit: Dat Donut

Dat Donut opens at 5:30 am and stays up till 10 pm, so you can grab a delicious breakfast to start the day and savour a sweet finale after dinner. Since 1994, this place has been a mainstay in the city, serving the best pillowy pastries that are simply irresistible. From tangy strawberry-filled Bismarcks to colossal apple fritters, every item on the menu is worth trying. The best part is their unbelievably affordable prices that seem just too good for the taste.

Location:  8251 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60619

Open Hours: Mon-Sat: 5:30 am–10 pm; Sun: 6:30 am–5 pm

Must Try: strawberry-filled Bismarcks, Apple Fritters

Price For 2: $30 approx.

3) Beacon Doughnuts

Image Credit: Beacon Doughnuts

Beacon Doughnuts is the perfect spot for you if you are looking for the best vegan doughnuts in Chicago. They craft their vegan delicacies so well that it turns out rich and fluffy, you won’t believe they're vegan. Seasonal specials like pumpkin cinnamon bun and classics like Oreo and blueberry pancake are a must-try on the menu to get an unforgettable taste. Do not miss the Lavender Vanilla doughnut,  French Toast Brioche and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as well.

Location: In The Alley, 810 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Open Hours: Mon-Wed: 7 am–12 pm; Thu-Fri: 7 am–2 pm; Sat-Sun: 7 am–2:30 pm

Must Try: Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun, Oreo And Blueberry Pancake,  French Toast Brioche And Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Price For 2: $30 approx.

4) Old Fashioned Donuts

Image Credit: Old Fashioned Donuts

Old Fashioned Donuts is famed for its colossal doughnut treats that are seriously huge and extremely addictive. Since 1972, this spot has been crafting these fried delights and the taste is still as delicious as ever. To eat the famous massive Texas doughnuts and fruit-packed apple fritter, you’ll need a great appetite to finish it all. This restaurant is owned by the same chef behind Do-rite Doughnuts and Chicken, Buritt Bulloch who brings his years of experience in crafting the best doughnuts in Chicago.

Location: 11248 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628

Open Hours: Mon-Sat: 6 am–6 pm; Sun: Closed

Must Try: Apple Fritter,  Texas Doughnuts

Price For 2: $20 approx.

5) D&D’s Place

Image Credit: D&D’s Place

Burritt Bulloch was also behind the inspiration for establishing this restaurant. The owners Devell and Lolita Brittmon, proteges of Old Fashioned Donuts' by Burritt Bulloch, founded this restaurant and crafted artistic doughnuts that have won several hearts. This restaurant was the Winner of Judge's Choice and Crowd Favorite at Chicago Donut Fest 2020 and won several accolades before that too. Their fluffy glazed doughnuts and Texas-sized apple fritter are a must-try on the menu. Also, don't miss the chocolate doughnuts and old-fashioned cake doughnuts too.

Location:  8324 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60652

Open Hours: Tue-Sat: 7 am–3 pm; Sun-Mon: Closed

Must Try: Fluffy Glazed Donuts, Texas-Sized Apple Fritter, Chocolate Doughnuts, Old-Fashioned Cake Doughnuts

Price For 2: $30 approx.

6) Stan’s Donuts

Image Credit: Stan’s Donuts

You will find a dozen locations of Stan’s Donuts all over Chicago, there's always a Stan's nearby to satisfy your cravings. The classic glazed doughnuts, inventive Biscoff Banana Pockets and Lemon-Pistachio Old Fashioneds, every pastry case is bursting with flavours. Customers also love to pair their doughnut treats with a strong cup of coffee that complements the sweet flavours very well. The Glazed Pretzels, Caramel Marshmallow Pockets and buttercream Bismarks are good enough to make you drool with the views.

Location: 181 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601

Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 6 am–8 pm

Must Try:  Biscoff Banana Pockets and Lemon-Pistachio Old Fashioneds, Glazed Pretzels, Caramel Marshmallow Pockets and buttercream Bismarks

Price For 2: $30 approx.

7) Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Image Credit: Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

If you want to get a full-fledged breakfast treat along with your doughnuts, then this place is perfect. Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken do their doughnuts and chicken so right, that you will want to come back again and again. This place serves the best fried chicken delights along with doughnuts to create a satisfying breakfast treat for any time of the day. Their Sandwich, Candied Maple Bacon Donut, Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Buttermilk Old Fashioned are some of the recommended dishes that you should not mess up on your visit.

Location:  233 E Erie St, Chicago, IL 60611

Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 6:30 am–7 pm; Sat-Sun: 7 am–7 pm

Must Try: Sandwich, Candied Maple Bacon Donut, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Buttermilk Old Fashioned

Price For 2: $40 approx.

Savour the best doughnuts in Chicago at these amazing doughnut spots and grab yourself a delicious bite any time of the day. If you are casually having a rough day, these places are good enough to bring a smile to your face and fill your mouth with delicious fluffy treats.