Behind The Scenes: Hygiene Crisis In Commercial Cake Production
Image Credit: Freepik

Convenience often trumps quality and inexpensive, store-bought cakes tempt many. However, a recent exposé by Harsha Balwani, a baker, through a viral video on her Instagram account (@sweetwonders_nasik), has cast a shadow over the seemingly innocuous practice. 

Image Credit: Freepik

Harsha Balwani's video begins with a scene that might unsettle the average consumer: a bakery worker nonchalantly tossing whole eggs, shells included, into a large mixing bucket. This initial step already hints at the questionable hygiene standards that pervade the facility.

As the video progresses, it shows how ingredients that one would expect to be of a certain quality, such as cocoa powder, are substituted with food colouring and essence to imitate chocolate flavours. The authenticity gets sacrificed here for cost-efficiency.

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The mixing process, a critical step in ensuring the smooth texture of cakes, is depicted in a less-than-appetising light. The video captures a worker, his arms submerged in flour, manually combining the ingredients. The lack of machinery for such a fundamental task not only raises eyebrows but also underscores the potential for contamination.


The voiceover, laced with sarcasm, poignantly questions why such a process hasn't been mechanised, highlighting the worker's unsanitary method of wringing out the batter from his hands.

As the cakes are prepared for baking, the surroundings do little to reassure viewers of the bakery's cleanliness. The floor, cluttered and unclean, contrasts sharply with the pristine environments one might associate with food preparation. This visual discordance emphasises the divergence in hygiene standards between commercial operations and smaller, home-based bakeries.

Image Credit: Freepik

The video concludes with the baked goods emerging from the oven, a visual culmination of the process that led to their creation. Balwani's commentary throughout the video not only sheds light on the visible discrepancies in hygiene and quality between commercial and home-baked cakes but also implicitly questions the true cost of affordability.

Harsha Balwani's viral video has sparked a crucial dialogue on the standards of hygiene and quality in commercial bakeries. By pulling back the curtain on the production of marble cakes, the footage reveals unsettling practices that could have broader implications for food safety and consumer trust.

As viewers digest the content of this video, the conversation it initiates about the value we place on cost versus quality in our food choices is perhaps its most enduring contribution. The bakery industry, like many others, faces the challenge of balancing efficiency with ethical and hygienic practices—a balance that this video suggests is in dire need of reassessment.