BBQ In St Paul, MN: 7 Spots For Mouthwatering Feast
Image Credit: Famous Dave’s, St Paul, MN

St Paul gives perfect satisfaction to the cravings for luscious heaping loaves of meat with drooling sauces and charred corners. The famed BBQ spots in the city draw crowds from far away with luscious aromas that can’t be suppressed.

In this city, the lip-smacking taste awaits where smoke and meat combine delightfully. Whether it is Texas-style brisket or pulled pork treats, you will always catch something amusing on your hunt for the best BBQ in the city.

There are several tucked-away places that have a loyal fanbase, and there are popular spots as well that are known across the borders. No matter where you choose to dine, every place ensures a delightful journey through their delectable options on the menu. Visit these amazing BBQ spots in St Paul and pile up your sandwiches with juicy smoked meats.

7 BBQ Spots In St Paul, MN To Not Miss

1) Famous Dave’s

Image credit: Famous Dave’s

At Famous Dave’s, you will discover the essence of American barbecue. As a beacon of flavour, this BBQ chain delivers wood-smoked meats and delectable sides in an authentic American West-themed setting. Their renowned sweet and spicy sauces pair perfectly with tender cornbread muffins. Dive into a heap of ribs or savour a succulent 2 Meat Platter. Don't miss out on their signature dishes like the mouthwatering Texan Mac & Cheese or the tantalising Southside Rib Tips.

Location: 1930 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55116

Open Hours: Sun-Thu: 11 am–9 pm; Fri-Sat: 11 am–10 pm

Must Try: Texan Mac & Cheese, 2 Meat Platter, Southside Rib Tips, Cornbread Muffins

Price for 2: $40 approx.

2) FireBox

Image Credit: FireBox

While Firebox Deli's North Minneapolis location may have closed its doors, the St. Paul outpost continues to thrive. Situated conveniently off Snelling and a stone's throw from 94, it beckons with its irresistible aroma of barbecue delights. Indulge in their signature thin-sliced rib tips, perfect for snacking, before diving into a meat-topia of beef brisket, ribs, wings, and more. Savour classic sides like mac and cheese, coleslaw, and skinny fries, or opt to feed a crowd with their pound or rack options. Also try their delectable 2 Meat Platter, paired with mouthwatering BBQ sauce and served alongside Texas toast.

Location: 1585 Marshall Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Open Hours: Mon: Closed; Tue-Thu: 4–8 pm; Fri-Sun: 11 am–8 pm

Must Try: 2 Meat Platter, BBQ Sauce, Ribs, French Fries, Wings, Texas Toast, Macaroni and Cheese, Beef Brisket, Chicken Wings

Price for 2: $30 approx.

3) Rooster's BBQ Deli

Image Credit: Rooster's BBQ Deli

For the best Memphis-style barbecue, come to Rooster's Deli BBQ where you'll get the perfect ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and mouth-watering fried chicken. With the charm of a classic roadside stand, this cosy spot focuses on smoked meats and crispy delights. Their classic pulled pork sandwich, generously topped with coleslaw, or share trays of succulent smoked meats is one of the most ordered items on the menu that you should try. Also, make sure to check out the signature Memphis-style barbecue sandwich, served with hot barbecue sauce, fries, and coleslaw.

Location:  979 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55102

Open Hours: Mon: Closed; Tue-Sun: 11 am–8 pm

Must Try: Classic Pulled Pork Sandwich, Smoked Meats, Bbq Sauce

Price For 2: $30 approx.

4) Smok’n Outdoors

Smok’n Outdoors transformed from a food truck to a beloved family-owned restaurant in 2021. This spot specialises in wood-smoked BBQ, infusing local oak flavours into every bite of their brisket, ribs, and more.  Their signature pulled pork, tantalisingly paired with Mama's sauce and sticky rice. Indulge in monthly specials like the irresistible brisket lasagna with garlic bread. With great food and quality service, Smok'N Outdoors promises a memorable dining experience.

Location: 1409 Arcade St, St Paul, MN 55106

Open Hours: Wed-Fri: 11 am–6 pm; Sat: 11 am–4 pm; Sun-Tue: Closed

Must Try: Mac & Cheese, Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs

Price for 2: $30 approx.

5) Mekong BBQ

Image Credit: Mekong BBQ

Mekong BBQ brings the flavours of Southeast Asia to St Paul, specialising in whole roast pigs, crackling with perfection. This small mom-and-pop shop offers authentic Hmong/Laos cuisine, including HK-style BBQ pork and mouth-watering roast pork belly. Their renowned Hmong/Laos meat tartare is a local favourite that you must try here. Also, try their Spare Ribs and Roast Pork. While it's primarily a takeout spot, their culinary treasures are worth the visit.

Location: 1058 Maryland Ave E, St Paul, MN 55106

Open Hours: Mon: Closed; Tue-Sun: 11 am–5 pm

Must Try: HK-style BBQ pork, Pork Belly, Spare Ribs and Roast Pork

Price for 2: $30 approx.

6) Handsome Hog

Image Credit: Handsome Hog

Handsome Hog’s pig-centric menu meets traditional Southern fare in trendy Cathedral Hill. Owned by celebrity chef Justin Sutherland, renowned for his Top Chef appearances, this hotspot promises culinary excellence. Don't miss their famed brisket, a limited daily delight, best enjoyed on the lively patio with its dedicated bar. Indulge in recommended dishes like Cornbread Muffin, Poutine, Chicken Sandwich, and Spare Ribs for a taste of St. Paul's finest. Along with the tasty dishes, their southern hospitality makes the experience even better.

Location: 173 Western Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102

Open Hours: Mon-Thu: 3–11 pm; Fri: 3 pm–12 am; Sat: 10 am–12 am; Sun: 10 am–11 pm

Must Try:  Cornbread Muffin, Poutine, Chicken Sandwich, and Spare Ribs

Price for 2: $30 approx.

7) Black Market StP

Image Credit: Black Market StP

At Black Market StP, you’ll witness the true barbecue mastery where locally-harvested black cherry wood infuses their dry-rubbed meats with unmatched flavours. This Saint Paul gem opens its doors just once weekly on Plato Boulevard, Fridays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., so plan ahead and reserve your order. Their brisket is legendary, but be quick as favourites sell out fast. Enjoy mouthwatering beef and pork ribs, with portions that impress even the toughest critics. While the sauce is not necessary, feel free to pair it with your favourite.

Location:  120 Plato Blvd W, St Paul, MN 55107

Open Hours: Fri: 5–7 pm; Sat-Thu: Closed

Must Try: Beef Ribs, Brisket, Rack of Pork Ribs

Price for 2: $30 approx.

St Paul is loaded with BBQ spots one better than the other, but despite that, these top seven spots steal all the highlights. If you want to taste the true flavours of St Paul, visit these spots and grab a delicious bite loaded with sauces and juices.