BAFTA Winner Emma Stone Reveals Her Love For Food
Image Credit: Pexels/Flickr

The 35-year-old actress praised the filmmaker and expressed her "amazement" at everyone involved in Yorgos Lanthimos' strange comedy. Emma also expressed her gratitude to her mother, stating that her mother had given her the wild notion that she could pull off anything similar.

Emma was nominated in the Leading Actress category with Fantasia Barrino from "The Colour Purple," Sandra Hüller from "Anatomy of a Fall," Carey Mulligan from "Maestro," Vivian Oparah from "Rye Lane," and Margot Robbie from "Barbie."But have you ever wondered what Emma Stone eats while filming? How is her diet so fluent? Get to know the full story. 

It is true that most people adore Emma Stone. She follows a relatively simple diet. She enjoys trekking, but the activities are exhausting. Her diet helps her maintain the calories she burns. The proper diet is crucial to her health.

One excellent cardiovascular activity she suggests is climbing. Her favourite workout is climbing, contributing to Emma Stone's gorgeously slender figure. 

In New York, Emma Stone likes to go climbing at Chelsea Piers. A more accessible and more challenging climbing wall is covered in Chelsea Piers.

When Emma Stone is left with no other choice, she walks. She also prefers options like Pilates and indoor/outdoor climbing sessions. Generally, to keep it in shape and follow a healthy Emma stone diet according to the role's needs and exercises she follows. She strongly suggests one should run, walk, or stroll.

Because Emma Stone is so thin, she focuses primarily on developing her strength, endurance, and flexibility at the gym.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone shared her "depressing" McDonald's order during the film interview of Poor Things, demonstrating that not everyone enjoys condiments. She talked about the film as well as more personal topics like eating.

But one of the movie's most talked-about moments was when the actress was asked what their favourite McDonald's orders were. Emma said that despite ordering a number two on the menu, she does not like condiments. The order comes with two cheeseburgers without any sauces or cheese; only meat, bun, fries, Dr Pepper or Coke, depending on the day, and a McFlurry to finish. 

She sure got a lot of judgement for her no-condiment rule. But everyone is happy for her BAFTA win. Many people also consider her peculiar eating habits lucky for her success. 

Emma doesn't usually worry about tracking calories or ensuring that everything she eats is healthy. On the other hand, she consumes a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein on a daily basis.

Although she doesn't eat fast food or sweets frequently, she occasionally enjoys pizza, burgers, and fries. She can enjoy goodies guilt-free because she eats healthily most of the time.

Her win at the BAFTA is very well received. What do you think of her diet and food habits?