American Blogger Makes Bhel Puri Indian Audience Reacts
Image Credit: Pexels

Food content creators all around the world are cooking up a storm on social media platforms. These innovators have piqued people's interest for a variety of reasons, ranging from developing their own strange recipes to sampling traditional foods from various cultures. 

Many people would remember Eitan Bernath as a young, energetic American who enjoys preparing a variety of Indian meals. You probably remember him from last year's headlines when a video of him preparing rotis with Bill Gates in Bihar went viral. The 21-year-old, who has previously written a cookbook, is also a regular on The Drew Barrymore Show. He has cooking parts both as the host and with other overseas guests.

In recent years, Indian cuisine has captivated the curiosity of the masses online, and many international influencers and chefs have attempted to recreate and document it. However, winning India's approval is difficult because the country takes tremendous pride in its food and culinary heritage. 

Nonetheless, Eitan has won hearts throughout the Internet with his honest attempts and vivid passion for Desi cuisine. Are you wondering where this curiosity came from? Curious about how he views food and cooking? 

Well, Eitan returned to India some time back for the second time and visited Mumbai. There, he fell in love with bhel puri.

Indian street cuisine falls under the category of foods that can not only satisfy an Indian's cravings. But it also attracts foreign fans who eat it once and then crave it for the rest of their life. The ever-renowned Bhel-Puri is undoubtedly one of the most famous of them all. Recently, the same 'bhel puri mania' gripped US chef Eitan Bernath, who made an admirable effort to make the snack as authentic as possible. 

Today, the video of him making bhel puri dominates social media. Bernath shared the video on Instagram and tik tok, where the finished result of the bhel puri, looked excellent and appropriate for Indian street style.

He also mentioned the trick that it should be wet, but the dish should not be soggy to taste delicious. 

Eitan Bernath was born on April 25, 2002. He is an American celebrity chef, entertainer, author, social media influencer, and business owner. As of February 2024, he had 20 million followers on various social media platforms.

He is the principal culinary contributor for The Drew Barrymore Show, making him the first TikTok celebrity to land a recurring gig on daytime television. He contributes to newspapers and publications and appears on television shows such as Good Morning America, Today, and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Bernath was appointed as a High-Level Supporter of the United Nations World Food Programme in February 2023.  What do you think of the bhel puri he made? Do you like bhel puri?