Add Spice To Your Latte: 6 Recipes That Are A Step Up
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If you were to name one addition to milk that conquered the world of beverages, it would undoubtedly be spices. Spices have been a beloved addition to milk lattes especially since people got to discover the golden magic of turmeric into milk.

Not only do these spices induce milk with flavours, but they also help in deriving therapeutic benefits into the drink. Just like turmeric latte, other spices like cinnamon and ginger also make a delightful addition and offer various health benefits.

With each sip, these drinks exude exotic flavours that give you the true taste of the season and soothe the soul. If you absolutely love the warmth and aromas of turmeric spiced latte, you will also love these other spiced lattes as well.

Explore These 6 Irresistible Spiced Lattes 

1) Pumpkin Spiced Latte

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Ever since the pumpkin spiced latte debuted on the menu of Starbucks, this drink has been at the pinnacle of spiced lattes. Attributing to the essence of the autumn, this seasonal special drink brings back old memories with its aroma and taste. Adding to the overall taste, this drink includes other spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

2) Ginger latte

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Ginger latte or ginger “tea” latte to be precise, is a warming and energetic beverage which includes the spicy and peppery kick of ginger. The pieces of ginger are brewed and boiled in water to make ginger syrup and this syrup is then added to the latte along with sugar.

3) Cinnamon latte

Cinnamon latte is a cinnamon-infused version of a regular latte. This drink has sweet and citrusy notes of cinnamon intertwining harmoniously with the warmth of coffee. Additionally, you can add a clove to enhance the flavours.

4) Clove latte

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Clove, along with being a supplementary addition to other lattes, works well on its own too. Its cosy flavour embodies the comfort of winter and you can enjoy its warmth in any season.

5) Spiced Golden latte

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Spiced Golden Latte is a one-step above regular turmeric latte which includes all the spices along with turmeric and comes out beautiful. All the spices, when brewed to perfection, merge pleasantly giving off a delightful warming flavour.

6) Chai Latte

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Chai is the most popular beverage consumed in India, without which no day begins. Combining the goodness of brewed tea, chai masala, sugar and milk, this drink is an energetic recipe that revitalises the brain and removes all the weariness of the body.

These different spiced lattes are a one-step above regular lattes, that will be your absolute resolve to move over the overpriced versions. Including the same ingredients as those extravagant cafes, you can make these straightforward beverages at home and enjoy their health benefits too.