7 Viral Ramen Recipes That Will Leave You Speechless
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Ramen is a staple food of Asian countries especially South Korea, Japan and China. In it, the boiled noodles are served with a brothy soup and pieces of meat, vegetables and other toppings. This recipe is made with a variety of noodles made from different flours like buckwheat, rice, and wheat flour. Nowadays, it is especially popular as instant noodles that you can find in convenience stores.

After hitting the world markets, instant ramen has become one of the most sought-after treats, available in several flavours and seasonings. Taking advantage of this, various food influencers got their hands on creating the most innovative recipes with ramen. These recipes combine unusual cooking methods and yet turn out extremely delicious.

These unusual yet delicious ramen recipes took the world by storm, garnering millions of views on every social media platform. If you too love ramen, you have to try these innovative recipes and find out different ways of cooking it.

7 Viral Ramen Recipes You Should Try

1) TikTok Ramen

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Tik Tok Ramen is Tik Tok’s most liked recipe that is incredibly addicting! This recipe tastes saucy, slightly sweet, and packed with umami flavours. The recipe starts by cooking ramen and draining all the water out. Next, the sauce is created separately by heating butter and sauteeing garlic, red paper, brown sugar and soy sauce. After that, drained noodles are added to this sauce and topped with a sunny side of egg.

2) Okonomiyaki

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Okonomiyaki ramen is inspired by the famous Japanese street food called okonomiyaki. Its name translates to grilled as you like it and is basically a pancake made with a batter along with cabbages, sliced pork, shrimp, squid and other vegetables. Replicating this pancake, the ramen okonomiyaki uses boiled ramen noodles as the base. Then it is topped with ramen seasoning, seaweed shreds, sesame seeds, vegetables and some mayonnaise.

3) Butter Chicken Ramen

Image Credit: Pixabay

Butter Chicken ramen combines two of the most beloved recipes in the world, which are butter chicken and ramen. The creamy curry of butter chicken serves as the broth for ramen and the ingredients get well combined creating a pleasing flavour blend.

4) Chilli Oil Ramen

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When it comes to convenience, nothing can be compared to chilli oil ramen. This way of cooking ramen became increasingly popular on social media and encouraged ramen enthusiasts to try making ramen like this. Ramen companies also got inspired by chilli oil ramen and coined their special ramen flavours that suit this way of cooking. For this, the noodles are first cooked and seasonings are tempered with hot oil before combining with noodles.

5) Ramen Carbonara

Image Credit: Pexels

Ramen carbonara is a yummy dish made by cooking ramen noodles and mixing them with a creamy sauce made from eggs, cheese, and sometimes bacon or pancetta. It's like a fusion of Italian and Japanese flavours, combining the creaminess of carbonara with the slurp-worthy noodles of ramen. It's a tasty and comforting meal enjoyed by many who love both Italian and Japanese food.

6) Mac n Cheese Ramen

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Mac n Cheese ramen replaces macaroni with ramen. For this, ramen noodles are cooked inside melted cheese instead of water, which might seem kinda off but it turns out way more amazing than it feels.

7) Sheet Pan Ramen

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Sheet pan ramen is a crispy and flavorful dish where instant ramen noodles are crisped up in the oven, creating a delightful crunch. Marinated tofu adds a sweet flavour, while baby bok choy provides freshness. Perfect for a quick meal, it's easy to customise with your favourite veggies or leftovers.

These innovative ramen recipes will change the way you look at ramen forever. You will be surprised to see how beautiful the flavours turn out and how these interesting twists transform the simple noodles into something unbelievable.