7 Vegetarians Dishes For Lent To Devour During Fasting
Image Credit: Pexels

Americans don't mind eating a vegetarian diet, despite what some people may believe. Despite its reputation for pig products, fish and vegetable dishes are among the most well-known cuisines in the United States. Due to the country's amazing coastline, innumerable farms, and greenhouses, fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood are widely available. Furthermore, America's lengthy Catholic heritage has given us plenty of opportunity to develop delectable meatless lenticulars!

Ash Wednesday is the time to explore vegetarian dishes. During this time, Friday meat consumption is forbidden for devout Catholics. America observes Cuaresma, also known as Lent, which is a forty-day period of prayer, fasting, and penance observed by Catholics worldwide. Traditions around Lent are still highly valued in the community. In America, processions during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, are the main event of the month. The most traditional restaurants follow the Catholic custom of not serving any meat on Fridays, too. 

Explore the different vegetarian delicacies you can make! Keep reading to know more.

7 Vegetarians Dishes For Lent To Try

1. Vegetable Khichdi

Khichdi is a one-pot meal with rice, lentils, and assorted vegetables. It is cooked with mild spices like cumin, turmeric, and ginger. It is truly nourishing and comforting. You can serve it with ghee for added flavour. You can garnish it with chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lemon juice. Simply cook rice and lentils with water until soft, then add cumin seeds, turmeric, and ginger in ghee. Slowly add chopped vegetables and cook until tender. Add salt and serve hot.

2. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana (tapioca pearls) khichdi is a popular fasting dish in India. Why not taste it during Lent? You need to soak sabudana overnight. Add peanuts, cumin seeds, and chopped potatoes in ghee with soaked sabudana and cook until translucent. Simply, season with salt and chopped green chillies. Serve hot. You can serve it with a side of yoghurt or coconut chutney for a complete meal.

3. Aloo Jeera

Aloo jeera, or cumin potatoes, is a simple yet delicious dish made with boiled potatoes. It's quick to prepare and pairs well with roti or rice. Boil potatoes, dice them, and add turmeric and chilli powder. Cook until potatoes are crispy. Add salt and serve hot. Cilantro leaves and a squeeze of lemon juice with plain yoghurt or cucumber raita pair very well. You can have it with roti or rice, according to your choice. 

4. Spinach And Paneer Curry

This creamy curry combines spinach with paneer. It is cooked in a tomato-based gravy with cumin, coriander, and garam masala. Sauté onions, garlic, and ginger in ghee. Add chopped tomatoes, spinach and spices, and cook until soft. Then, stir in cubed paneer and cream. Simmer until heated through. Serve hot, garnished with cream and kasuri methi. You can also add nuts to enhance the flavours of the dish. 

5. Vegetable Lentil Soup

A hearty and wholesome soup made with a variety of lentils, mixed vegetables, and aromatic spices. It's a nutritious option for Lent fasting, providing protein, fibre, and essential vitamins. You can garnish with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper for extra flavour. Serve with crusty bread or crackers for a complete meal. Add cumin seeds and turmeric for added flavour.

6. Chana Masala

Chana Masala is a classic Indian dish with chickpeas cooked in tomato-based gravy with cumin, coriander, and turmeric. The dish is hearty and protein-rich. It's often enjoyed with rice, naan, or roti, making it a satisfying and nutritious meal. Also, this Indian dish is pretty wholesome and feels like it can help you be full during your fasting. 

7. Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Korma is a creamy, aromatic curry made with vegetables cooked in a rich gravy. The gravy is made with onions, tomatoes, and cashew nuts blended with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. The vegetables are simmered in this creamy sauce until tender, resulting in an indulgent and comforting dish.

Try out all the seven dishes this lent season. Don’t let boring vegetables ruin your comfort meals.