7  Artichokes Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting More
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Artichokes can be a little intimidating if you are trying them for the first time. But once you try it, there is no going back. The tangy and bitter leaves of artichokes, when cooked, develop a tender texture that you can eat right away by plucking them off and dipping them in the sauce.

This simple yet extravagant vegetable is packed with antioxidants, fibre and various other nutrients that benefit health in several ways. Artichokes are known for alleviating nausea, spasms, and gas. They have also been linked with lowering cholesterol and safeguarding the liver.

This powerful and health-packed vegetable can be the highlight of your table. With several possibilities, you can transform this vegetable into amazing dishes that everyone will love.

7 Artichoke Dishes To Try Today

1) Artichoke Pie

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A savoury pie that infuses the flavour of artichoke in every bite. The base is formed with regular pie dough or flaky puff pastry that ties in with the hearty artichoke filling. With a mixture of onion, herbs, garlic and artichoke, the filling is prepared and spiced with thyme, parsley or basil to enhance the taste.

2) Artichoke Heart Salad

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When you pluck off all the leaves from the artichoke, what emerges from the centre is called the heart. It is slightly pink in shade and succulent in texture with a nutty taste. Artichoke heart salad starts by marinating the hearts with spices and adding vegetables like fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, and olives along with a flavourful dressing.

3) Grilled Artichoke

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Artichokes do not require assortments to refine their taste. They taste immensely good on their own. Just like this recipe it is made by only grilling the halved artichoke until the leaves become tender. The smokiness that arrives by grilling infuses every bit with a rich flavour.

4) Artichoke Pizza

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Artichoke is among the most unusual yet delightful toppings for pizza. From leaves to heart, every part of the artichoke is just the perfect addition to pizza sauces and crust. Along with other toppings, artichoke fuses the flavours together and shines as an amusing highlight with its tender texture and savoury flavour.

5) Artichoke Pasta

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Pizza is not the only Italian dish that goes well with artichoke, pastas do too. The long strands of spaghetti entangle the tender leaves of artichokes, resulting in a satisfying treat that envelopes the tongue with flavours. The creamy sauces of pasta get filled inside the gaps between artichoke leaves, immersing it with soothing flavour.

6) Artichoke Risotto

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 Artichoke Risotto is a gratifying recipe that merges the heartyness of arborio rice with the citrusy touch of white wine cooked to make a mouth-watering dish. The aromatic ingredients like onion and garlic fuse the dish with a smoky flavour and herbs and seasonings uplift this. The addition of parmesan cheese derives a creamy texture in the sauce.

7) Artichoke Chicken Casserole

Artichoke Chicken Casserole is a protein-rich dish which is a satisfying treat for any meal of the day. Chicken along with artichoke creates a fulfilling blend of texture and flavours drenched in a creamy sauce. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, peas and bell peppers add complementary flavours to the dish, enriching every bite with various nutrients.

Make these amazing dishes with artichokes and savour the taste along with nutrients. Not only are these recipes filling, but they are also extremely rewarding which will leave you craving more. Despite the different ways to cook, each recipe is a tantalising feast that you will never get enough of.