6 Places To Try Donuts In Memphis Tennessee
Image Credit: Howard's Donuts

Despite Memphis' attractions for many like blues, barbecue, and billboard mural views, on top of being the birthplace of Rock n' Roll, the heart of people finds a way to enjoy delicious donuts every morning at least in the city.

Being where old-fashion restaurants, staple family-owned places, and over 70 custom soul-filling barbeque eateries alone can be found in Memphis, the city is very famous for its food scene, thus there doesn't really come up the omission of independent donut shops that serve the staple round treat loaded with deep-fried joy across town. The description assigns the spotlight to the beloved donut classic — the yeast donut and the cake donut — but at the same time, it also features an extraordinary donut or two in each donut shop. 

Some of these bakeries open as early as dawn and stay open until it gets dark, whereas one of them remains 24/7 and so donuts in Memphis are not just for breakfast but help get you through a lull around midday or at an all-hour hour. Here are a few of the best donuts in Nashville,Tennessee.

Try Delicious Donuts In Memphis Tennessee

1. Howard's Donuts

Image Credit: Howard's Donuts

At dawn, regulars line up at Howard's Donuts, the little red-roofed donut shop that has become a people’s favourite. People crowd in to try out so many tasty donuts of the day that are displayed in cases daily that it's almost impossible to narrow down to just one. Donuts here are also pocket-friendly, with the most donuts priced as $1, your biggest versatility is to take up a dozen or two pieces to go. Howard's specialises in cake donuts with various flavours: range of flavours like devil's food cake, buttermilk cake, bacon and maple cake, coconut cake, peanut butter cake, and raspberry jelly cake are mainstays on the list for normal cake donuts while unique flavours change with the season. 

Location: 4348 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 4 am–6 pm

Must-Try Dishes: Bacon and Maple Cake Donut

Price for 2: $ 20–30

2. Gibson's Donuts

Image Credit: Gibson's Donuts

This place has been the favourite place to get the tastiest Donuts they promise since 1957. The donuts not only have customers from all sides, but the shop sells hundreds of donuts a day so you never need to be concerned if the store has freshly-deep fried donuts. It works round the clock and is the perfect place for all donut lovers to hit their cravings while awake or asleep. Guarantee, all of the flavours that can only be seen along mid-south sun rays can be found - pineapple fritters, red velvet cake donuts, maple bacon yeast donuts, and mostly coffee-dunkin' classics - cinnamon cake donuts. 

Location: 760 Mt Moriah Rd, Memphis, TN 38117, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 5 am–12 am

Must-Try Dishes: Bourbon Donut and Coconut Cake Donut

Price for 2: $2–20

3. Midtown Donuts

Image Credit: Midtown Donuts

At precisely 4 am, Monday through Saturday, the Midtown Donut shop peels back the curtain on its sleek. Vintage-style establishment to unveil a mouth-watering array of fresh, warm, and delightful donuts. This place just offers donuts of different types and those usually cost under a dollar. The varieties in this header line are trending more delightfully in the classic way with plain glazed, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, maple bacon, and Oreo cake donuts always in the hopper. The iced coffee from the Midtown Donuts is the best addition to the delicious donuts.

Location: 1776 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 4 am–4 pm

Must-Try Dishes: Maple Bacon and Oreo Cake Donut

Price for 2: $2–20

4. Darling Donuts

Image Credit: Darling Donuts

This shop offers customer-favourite vegan donut delights once a week. The varieties of donut change each Sunday as Donuts are made with seasonal ingredients.  Besides creative donuts monthly specials, the shop also serves oldies like glaze donuts, Bavarian cream-filled donuts, and apple fritters. Enjoy the Darling Donuts' King cake donut on Tuesday’s, a special treat that arrives with a lucky baby nestled in the donut hole and is colored purple, green, and yellow, just like Mardi Gras.

Location: 50 N Dunlap St #4th, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

Timings: Mon-Sat 10 am–3 pm

Must-Try Dishes: Chocolate Glazed Donut and Cherry-Topped Sundae Donut

Price for 2: $20–30

5. Happy Glaze Donuts

Image Credit: Happy Glaze Donuts

Situated on one side of a strip mall frequented by the residents of Germantown, a town adjacent to Memphis that borders it on the southeastern end, Happy Glaze Donuts serves small, tasty and freshly heated-to-order mini donuts. Every single Snack Box here uses a dozen micro donuts and visitors can pick the flavours as per the mood. Donut flavours changes daily and may be seasonally impacted accordingly, however, the cinnamon sugar donuts, powdered sugar donuts, and chocolate glaze donuts are regularly available, as well as the signature 'Happy Glaze' covered donut, a festive, delicious puff of donut with cream cheese glaze. As per the request of the customers, they also have some gluten-free donuts. 

Location: 7781 Farmington Blvd Suite 101, Germantown, TN 38138, United States

Timings: Mon-Sat 10 am–3 pm

Must-Try Dishes: Happy Glaze Donut and Chocolate Glaze Donut

Price for 2: $20–30

6. Bartlett Donuts

Image Credit: Bartlett Donuts

Family owned and friendly it sells copious amounts of donuts every day. Usually, this is the spot for the display case – a box in which about 12 - 15 types of donuts are kept ready for the customers to choose from every day, including various flavours such as glazed donuts, Bavarian cream, apple, cream cheese, lemon cream, chocolate cream, and strawberry. What sets this donut shop apart from the rest is the adorable, colorful donut decor that shifts with the seasons and holidays. Not only does the cafe offer all-time favourites, but there is a variety of smoothies to choose from as a healthy selection as well.

Location: 2731 Bartlett Blvd, Bartlett, TN 38134, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun 5 am–5 pm

Must-Try Dishes: The Donut Box and Festive Special Donut

Price for 2: $20–30

Memphis seems to attract travellers with its super-rich cultural delights to be encountered, but the donuts it offers in Memphis give the city's gastronomical background an additional delightful dimension. The renowned Howard's Donuts, where loyal customers queue up for a piece of freshly baked delights, is one of the oldest and most trusted. The original Gibson's Donuts, which is still in claim of the position 'Best Donuts in the US,' is another alternative. Both eateries are distinguished by different characteristics. Satisfy the sweet tooth craving for donuts by visiting these eateries in Memphis Tennessee