6 Brilliant Ways To Utilise Canned Tomato Puree
Image Credit: Pexels

Tomatina, tomate. The canned goods section of the grocery store is filled chiefly with tomato products. As one already knows, tomatoes are an adaptable ingredient in food worldwide. 

The tomato originated in the Andes and is most commonly associated with substantial pasta and pizza recipes. The plant was feared and known as the "poison apple." It journeyed to Europe, finally establishing itself as a cherished and necessary staple before its renown grew "home" in the Americas.

Tomatoes are famous these days. In addition to being nutrient-dense, these canned items are also easy to use and convenient. Tomato purée is made from cooked tomato products that have been strained instead of just puréed raw. Moreover, tomato purée is thicker.

But cooking times and additional ingredients can also provide distinct flavour profiles. Even just a little salt can be used as a spice for tomato puree. Herbs and other spices, such as garlic and basil, are frequently used in sauces. These can come organic or flavoured, too. Make sure the flavours of the sauce complement your dish by reading the label. 

One should know these hacks well to try and indulge with the best of the canned tomato puree.

6 Ways To Use Canned Tomato Puree

1. Tomato Jam

One can try Tomato jam, too. Canned tomato puree into tomato jam gives a nice tanginess. It can be a great option for breakfast and dipping condiments. Simmering the puree with sugar, vinegar, and spices like ginger and cinnamon will make it into a jam. It can be used in toast, cheese platters, or grilled sandwiches. It will go great with meats or as a topping for baked goods.

2. Tomato Smoothie Base

Blending canned tomato puree with fruits and herbs creates a unique tomato smoothie base. It is perfectly savoury and sweet. Combining the puree with strawberries, mangoes, or oranges, along with aromatic herbs like basil and mint, makes the bases more creative and unbelievably tasty. Also, adding yoghurt or coconut water enhances it to another level.  

3. Tomato Curd

To create a velvety spread, one can start by combining canned tomato puree with eggs, sugar, and butter. It is just like mayonnaise but better. The puree lends a subtle tanginess and vibrant colour to the curd. Versatile and delicious, tomato curd can be used as a spread for scones, pancakes, toast, tarts and pastries.

4. Tomato Ice Cream

The concept of frozen desserts seems nice, right? Tomato ice cream has the sweetness of traditional ice cream with the savoury flavour of tomato puree. It is Perfectly balanced, and the tomato ice cream is both refreshing and indulgent. Whether served as a palate cleanser between courses or as a dessert, tomato ice cream will surely be unique and delightful.

5. Tomato-infused Cocktails

Canned tomato puree works pretty well with savoury cocktails. One can blend the puree with vodka, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and spices to create a complex and satisfying cocktail experience. The tanginess of the tomato puree balances perfectly with the heat of 6. the spices. It can be enjoyed at brunch time or in the evening, however preferred.

6. Tomato Mousse

The tomato-infused luxurious texture and surprising flavour of tomato mousse can give dinner dates and lunches a perfect end. A light and airy dessert made by blending canned tomato puree with whipped cream or mascarpone cheese, gelatin, and seasonings. It has complex sweet savoury flavours and tanginess. It can also be served as an appetiser with crackers or breadsticks.

Tomato Puree has endless possibilities. One can absolutely try anything and everything and go wild on creativity with this basic ingredient.