5 Ways To Improve Your Pancakes (And Health) With Indian Spices
Image Credit: Pexels

Pancakes are made with lots of flour, pancake mixture, eggs, and sometimes buttermilk or yoghurt battered into a starch-based liquid, which is then baked or fried over a pan like a fat crepe. One can add lots of toppings, such as strawberries and blueberries, to enhance the taste. 

Pancakes also go well with the drizzle of honey, sweet cream or condensed milk. One can also find different varieties of pancakes, such as ragi, oats, and more. 

If you like the taste of pancakes but want to try something new, why not experiment with the Indian spices you have lying aside in your home? Why not make pancakes healthy with these five spices to experiment with having the best taste? 

Try out these five scientifically proven spices to enhance your nutritional intake with your food. These spices have benefits that are backed up by science. Keep reading to learn more!

Try These Five Spices To Elevate Your Pancakes

1. Turmeric: Adding a pinch of turmeric to your pancake can be a very smart move when it comes to health advantages. According to a report from NIH, it's suggested that turmeric aids in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidemia. Also, it will give your pancakes a beautiful yellow colour and an elevated taste to try something new. 

2. Kashmiri Chilli Powder: If you love your pancakes sweet and spicy, then adding Kashmiri chilli powder to your pancakes will be a good decision. NIH states that red pepper seed and pericarp extracts are potent antioxidant agents. It helps you make your immunity stronger and your pancakes spicier. Kashmiri chilli powder is also moderate in spice, giving your pancake a beautiful rosy colour. 

3. Cinnamon Powder: Cinnamon powder is also widely used in Indian cuisine. Cinnamon powder is known for its therapeutic uses and pharmacological characteristics. In traditional medicine, it was used as an antitussive, antiarthritis, antimicrobial, and antifungal agent to treat sore pain and dental problems. Reports, according to NIH, show that these findings are true, and cinnamon is still a valid ingredient to boost the health benefits. 

4. Cumin Powder: Cumin powder has a very strong taste and smells similar to the taste of garlic but is more rusty and spicy. A little bit of this spice can make all the difference in your pancake batter. According to NIH, cumin can reduce convulsion and improve memory performance. If you can't handle spice well, make sure to put the spice in very concentrated measurements. Adding honey on top of these pancakes will make a heavenly treat.

5. Cardamom Powder: If you are having something sweet, adding cardamom powder or bits of cardamom can elevate the taste, making the pancakes taste richer and more royal. Cardamom also has a beautiful smell, which can elevate your pancakes even more. Health-wise, according to NIH, cardamom is known to alleviate high blood glucose, insulin resistance, and glucose metabolic disorders.

Spices are treasured for their taste and health benefits all around the world. By making small changes in your cooking style, you can gain these advantages too, enhancing your diet. Try out these spices in your pancake to make it more enjoyable!