5 Satisfying Indian Desserts With Semolina To Try
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Semolina is one of the most versatile and important ingredients in Indian cuisine. It is used in many recipes for meals throughout the day. Semolina is extremely healthy for the body and provides nourishment and fulfilment. In several regions of India, semolina is used in a variety of regional recipes, most importantly desserts.

From making a wholesome after-meal sweet treat to creating a festive special holy prasad for serving to a deity, semolina sweets hold a special place and are enjoyed in many ways. These treats combine a whole lot of satisfying ingredients that make them irresistible and melt in the mouth.

In the Maharashtra region, sheera is an essential dessert offered to God during pooja ceremonies and festivals. In Punjab, the ghee-loaded suji halwa is indispensable to special occasions. Both of these treats are often confused, but there's a key difference between their textures and ingredients. Learn about these wholesome semolina desserts and make them at home to enjoy their warming flavours.

5 Indian Desserts With Semolina You Should Try

1) Sheera

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Many people get confused when differentiating sheera from halwa. The making process is largely the same, but the key difference is seen in the texture of both of these treats. Sheera is a Maharashtrian dish that often tends to be soother and creamier in texture. It is made by simmering roasted semolina in sugar syrup and milk only until it thickens. The resulting dish has a pudding-like consistency and is also slightly runny.

2) Sooji ka Halwa

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Sooji ka halwa, on the other hand, is a Punjabi dessert made by simmering roasted semolina in sugar syrup for a long duration until the syrup is completely absorbed in the semolina. This results in a chunkier texture that adds a bite to the dessert. Being a Punjabi recipe, this dessert is traditionally made with a lot of ghee that drips from every spoonful and is still very healthy.

3) Sooji Laddu

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Sooji laddu is made on many special occasions, such as Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan. These laddus are slightly brittle and fragile but taste incredibly amazing. It's made with roasted semolina, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, and chopped dry fruits. The roasted semolina gives it a nutty aroma that makes the overall taste satisfying.

4) Sooji Barfi

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Sooji barfi is a diamond-shaped bite-sized dessert that is made with a mixture of roasted semolina, ghee, dry fruits, milk and sugar. First, a runny batter is formed with the ingredients and spread on a squared pan to let set in the fridge. When the mixture gets firm, it is cut into diamond shapes and garnished with silver film.

5) Sooji Kheer

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Sooji kheer, or semolina pudding, is an extremely gratifying dessert popular in South Indian cuisine. Its creamy and thick consistency beautifully infuses all the flavours in every spoonful and gives a soothing experience. This recipe becomes even more heartwarming with the addition of chopped nuts and seeds, which make the flavour richer and creamier.

When you want to make a wholesome dessert for a family dinner, make these delightful Indian desserts with semolina. They will bring more joy to the table. From adults to children, everyone will become a fan of your cooking after trying these recipes.