5 Must-Try Indian Bottle Gourd Dishes For A Healthy Diet
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In Indian cuisine, bottle gourd is a basic yet healthy ingredient to look for. Bottle gourd has various names in Indian languages. You might have often heard of lauki,  sorakaya, dudhi, or ghiya. These are all the same.

Here are five Indian dishes featuring bottle gourd or lauki that you can easily prepare at home, showcasing their adaptability and nutritional value.

Indian Dishes You Can Prepare With Bottle Gourd

1. Bottle Gourd Halwa

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Lauki Halwa is an exquisite dessert that can be prepared by combining cardamom, nuts, jaggery (for a more health-conscious addition), and milk, ghee, and bottle gourd. Particularly when khoya is not readily available, the additional time and effort required to prepare this variant is more than justified.

2. Bottle Gourd Curry

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Healthy dishes with bottle gourd are numerous. Lauki Curry is an aromatic delight. This curry, rich in nutrients, is delicious and easily digestible, making it a satisfying dish suitable for everyone. The addition of coconut milk and yoghurt produces a cooling effect on the human body.

3. Lauki Kheer

Lauki Kheer, an elegantly simple dessert, is ideal for novice cooks. This kheer, which is composed of milk, grated bottle gourd, sugar, and cardamom, serves as a revitalising dessert to complement any meal. For the most flavorful lauki, ensure that it is neither bitter nor tough.

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The traditional whole wheat flatbread is transformed into the nutritious Lauki paratha after adding green chilies, grated bottle gourd, and an assortment of spices. Tailored to be conveniently transported in tiffin boxes or lunchboxes, these parathas offer children a flavourful way to consume nourishing vegetables.

5. Lauki Kofta

The gastronomic pleasure of Lauki Kofta is heavenly. The intricately crafted koftas are made from grated bottle gourd and a delicate curry based on tomatoes. Featuring delicate spices and the tartness of the tomatoes, this dish is a delectable delight that pairs exceptionally well with rice or flatbreads.

By incorporating bottle gourd into these five dishes, you not only ensure that you consume a healthy, balanced diet, but also increase the variety of your meal plan. Each scrumptious bottle gourd halwa and nourishing lauki paratha presents a distinct method of savouring this adaptable vegetable.