5 Indian Restaurants In Montclair NJ To Indulge In Indian Food
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Montclair is a hub of art and masterful cuisine. The city boasts a spectacular fusion of architectural styles, crafts, music, and culinary diversities, all existing together in harmony. Among all the popular cuisines, people in Montclair have exceptional Indian food in their hearts.

Whether the cravings call for comfortable, warm food or tantalising spicy treats, Indian restaurants in Montclair always fulfil the cravings most elegantly. From Chatni to Caribbean, these 5 Indian restaurants have the best Indian food and capture the essence of Indian culinary artistry. 

These places are a must-visit for those seeking both comfort and fantastic food in a welcoming atmosphere. They offer a vast array of Indian dishes, ranging from appetisers to curries and biryanis, ensuring a delightful dining experience. 

1) Chatni Indian Restaurant

Chatni Indian Restaurant provides a pleasant atmosphere. They serve soothing Indian meals and delectable sweets. They also offer lunch specials. The restaurant is known for its easy ordering experience. It provides a wide variety of delicious Indian cuisine. From traditional favourites to dishes infused with lots of spices, the menu of the restaurant will amaze the customers. The pleasant decor and prompt, courteous service create a superb dining experience. They also cater to vegetarian interests with a variety of menu alternatives. The garlic naan and Chicken Tikka Masala are both highly recommended. This ensures that there is something for everyone. The restaurant is conveniently placed for pick-up or delivery. Also, this place ensures generous meal quantities at the best cost.

Location: 381 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun: 11 am–10 pm

Must Try: Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, Vegetable Samosa, Plain Naan, Chicken Lunch, Vegetable Lunch

Price For 2: $60 approx.

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2) Jalwa: Modern Indian Dining (By Bukhara Grill Caterers)

Jalwa reinvents classic Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Explore their cuisine, a blend of classic Indian foods and modern flavours. The atmosphere is a mix of sophistication and casual appeal, making it suitable for any event. Jalwa ensures a delightful dining experience. They offer lunch specials and a wide evening menu. The evening menu includes several entrée, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives. Their Clay Oven Specialty meals are noteworthy. They include vegan, vegetarian, chicken, lamb, and goat entrees. Akshay Jhanjee founded Jalwa. He is well-known for his past projects. This demonstrates his commitment to inventive Indian cuisine. Apart from the murals on the walls, customers love wonderful delicacies like Paneer Dilruba and Jalapeno Cheese Samosa. People praise Jalwa for its excellent service, various vegetarian options, and delectable flavours.

Location: 215 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042, United States

Timings: Sun-Thu: 11:30 am–3 pm, 5–10:30 pm; Fri-Sat: 11:30 am–3 pm, 5–11 pm

Must Try: Roti, Chili Garlic Naan, Left Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Dilruba

Price For 2: $80 approx.

3) Mumbai Maskaa

Mumbai Maska serves a variety of classic Mumbai street cuisine. It also has modern dishes to satisfy a variety of tastes. Its lively ambience and colourful furnishings evoke the frenetic streets of Mumbai, making it an entertaining dining experience. The menu offers an entertaining experience of Mumbai's gastronomic specialities. It includes the famous Vada Pav and the savoury Pav Bhaji. The restaurant is also known for its excellent service. The diverse menu features foods such as Avocado Bhel, Chinese Bhel, Fried Rice, and Orange Kulfi. Together, they ensure an authentic Mumbai eating experience.

Location: 150 Valley Rd Suite 6, Montclair, NJ 07042, United States

Timings: Mon-Thu; 11 am–9:30 pm; Tue: Closed; Fri-Sun: 11:30 am–10 pm

Must Try: Avocado Bhel, Chinese Bhel, Fried Rice, Orange Kulfi, Mango Lassi, Garlic Naan, Tikka Masala, Tikka Bao Bun, Cauliflower Appetizer

Price For 2: $40 approx.

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4) Basil Indian & Thai Grill

One can enjoy a fusion of Indian and Thai cuisines in Basil Indian and Thai Cuisine. Chefs with vast culinary knowledge prepare delectable dishes. Customers love the delicate chicken in the Abu Dhabi Chicken Curry. Diners are pleasantly delighted by generous quantities of rice pudding. Customers rave about the Chicken Lollipops with Manchurian dip. In addition, they love the Chicken Changezi, and it is served with fresh naan. Both the cool garlic noodles and the chicken chilli are highly recommended. It's an outstanding venue for families and parties. The staff is friendly, and there's a variety of vegetarian options.

Location: 117 Watchung Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043, United States

Timings: Sun-Thu: 12–2:30 pm, 4–9 pm; Fri-Sat: 12–2:30 pm, 4–10 pm

Must Try: Vegetable Samosa Vegan, Veg Spring Roll, Garlic Naan, Honey Chili Cauliflower, Thai Red Curry, Honey Chili Cauliflower, Dhabi Chicken Curry, Chicken Lollipops with Manchurian dip, Chicken Changezi, Fresh Naan, Chilli Garlic Noodles with Chicken, Green Thai Curry, Rice Pudding

Price For 2: $60 approx.

Image Credit: basilmontclair.com

5) Bricklane Curry House, Upper Montclair, NJ

Brick Lane Curry House welcomes diners to its newest location in Montclair. BLCH draws its inspiration from the classic curry establishments found on Brick Lane in London, where curry has taken over as the favoured national dish, surpassing fish and chips. Offering a blend of subtle and fiery Indian curries, this BYOB eatery is the latest addition to the group. Chef Sati Sharma, with expertise honed in India and New York, presents a diverse menu. Signature dishes include Vindaloo, Bhuna, Chicken Tikka Masala, and PHAAL, the spiciest in North America. The charming space is nestled in Montclair's historic district. It invites guests to savour authentic flavours in a cosy ambience.

Location: 381 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042, United States

Timings: Mon-Sun: 11 am–10 pm

Must Try: Vindaloo, Bhuna, Chicken Tikka Masala, PHAAL, Dal Makhani, Mixed Sizzler, Imli Ke Champe, Methi Salmon

Price For 2: $60 approx. 

For those who want to find the true flavours of India in Montclair, these restaurants are the go-to spots. These restaurants have the most amazing menus with a variety of Indian dishes created as per the guests' preferences.