5 Delicious Saag Recipes For The Spring Season
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Saag dishes are a mesmerising and delightful treat which doesn't need a special occasion to savour. Be it pungent or bold, citrusy or sweet, the avenue that the saag recipe presents is truly a captivating scenery to catch.

From the mild flavour of spinach to the itchy sensation of arbi, these saag dishes have been an inseparable part of Indian cuisine. If you too want to savour the true essence of spring in India, try these five amazing saag recipes and entice your tastebuds.

Try These 5 Indian Saag Recipes For Spring

1) Palak Saag Paneer

Palak or spinach is rich in nutrients and is a base element in numerous Indian dishes like palak dal, palak paneer, palak curry and much more. For a more springtime treat, Palak paneer will be a perfect addition to your meals. Simply sauté spinach with onion, pepper, garlic, and ginger until tender and then blend the mixture to a smooth paste and add a dash of spices. After that shallow-fry paneer cubes to make a crispy crust and add these cubes to the paste.

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2) Arbi Patra

Arbi saag, also known as Colocasia leaves or Taro leaves is a quintessential Gujarati ingredient which is known for its starchy and tingling essence. The steamed deep-fried rolls of this saag are a cherished snack in India which makes every occasion special. It is made by spreading a spiced chickpea flour mixture on the leaves and then making a roll. Then the roll is secured with thread and steamed until hardens. After that, the roll is divided into thick slices and fried until golden. 

3) Chaulai Saag Sabzi

Chaulai ka saag or amaranth leaves are a host of several nutrients like calcium, sodium, vitamins A, E, and C and folic acid. This simple chaulai ki sabzi may not be that extravagant, but the nostalgic appeal associated with it simply makes it a mesmerising repast. This dish is made by sauteeing the chaulai leaves with chopped onions, garlic and green chillies along with spices. The mixture is stirred until all the leaves become tender and reduce the water. The sabzi is then served with roti or chapati.

4) Meethi Saag

Methi saag or fenugreek leaves is a Punjabi gem filled with the goodness of calcium, iron and fibre. This recipe is a perfect meal for a low-carb diet and fills the course with anti-oxidants. This simple recipe gets ready in a few minutes and is served with chapati, roti or rice. All you need to do is saute the greens with chopped onion, ginger garlic paste and green chilli paste. Once the dish looks slightly reduced, turmeric, coriander and cumin powder are added for flavouring. 

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5) Gongura Saag Pachadi

Gongura saag is a type roselle plant which is a popular ingredient in South Indian dishes. You will find this saag in a variety of dishes like pachadi, pappu or lentil soup, chicken curry and also chutney.  Gongura Saag Pachadi is made by frying the gongura leaves until they wilt. The fried leaves are blended along with the mixture of fried red chillies, cumin, garlic and salt. The coarse paste is tempered with curry leaves and chana dal. You can store this recipe in the fridge for a few days and eat it with your meals anytime.

These popular spring saags will make you savour the season at its best. Even if you are away from India, these recipes will make you feel the essence of home.