5 Butter-Based Indian Dips For Decadent Feast
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Indians never shy away from adding a generous amount of butter to the recipes. Several recipes highlight the comfort of butter like nothing else. In dishes like butter chicken, butter paneer, tikka masala, butter plays an important role in drawing out rich flavours.

If you are away from India and missing the comfort of authentic recipes, you can fill this gap by infusing hearty spices in the form of butter. Yes, you heard it right! Infused Butter dips will be a perfect addition to your curries and also serve as flavourful dips.

Making Infused butter is not as hard as it seems. All you need to do is add a healthy amount of Indian spices to the butter and mix it up till well combined. It will be a game changer to your dishes and add a new dimension to them. You can store this butter in the refrigerator to use it anytime while preparing meals. Try these five variations and enjoy the unfolding flavours.

Try These Infused Butter Recipes With Your Dishes

1) Chilli Coriander Butter with Lime

Coriander is a prime garnishing ingredient in every Indian dish. This infused butter dip uses ground coriander seeds along with coriander greens, chilli and a dash of fresh lemon juice. All the ingredients are blended, creating a smooth sauce which is then used as a dip or added to roast for seasoning.

2) Ginger Garlic Butter with Chili

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Ginger garlic butter combines the ginger garlic paste into butter and blended to form a smooth texture. This dip has a warming flavour which gets smoky with the addition of crushed chilli peppers.

3) Curry Butter

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Curry butter combines the curry spices into the bitter which mainly includes garam masala, curry powder and ground cumin. You can add red chilli powder for more heat. After beating all the ingredients together, you must refrigerate the butter so that flavours get infused equally.

4) Cumin Butter

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Cumin butter only uses two ingredients, that is cumin and butter. The cumin seeds are roasted to activate naturally and develop a sweet aroma. After roasting, the seeds are crushed finely and blended with butter to create a smoky dip. You can add more spice for a better flavour.

5) Tikka Masala Butter

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Tikka masala butter is made with a combination of the spices that are used in making tikka masala. The main ingredients are garam masala, turmeric, cumin, coriander, paprika and ginger garlic paste. You can also call this butter a mixed variation of all the above-mentioned butter. Blending these ingredients with butter melds every flavour together harmoniously.

Try these infused-butter recipes or make your versions by combining different ingredients together. In every way, these infused butter dips are going to make you lick your fingers after finishing the meal.