Sushi Rolls (Tuna And Cucumbers) Recipe

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A japanese recipe of Sushi rolls with tuna and cucumber .Sushi Rolls or Hosomaki are a very basic but popular sushi in Japan. Hoso means thin and maki means roll. We want to say “thin” because there are also thick rolls, Futomaki. While Futomaki has a lot of fillings such as cooked vegetables and sweet fish flakes, Hosomaki rolls only have one skinny filling inside. Because of the simplicity of ingredients and cooking technique, Hosomaki is suitable for home cooking as well as restaurant food.

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Sushi Rolls (Tuna And Cucumbers)

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Ingredients for Sushi Rolls (Tuna And Cucumbers) Recipe

  • As required Roasted Seaweed
  • As required raw tuna
  • As required Japanese cucumber
  • As required Sushi Rice
  • As required Soy sauce
  • As required Wasabi

Directions: Sushi Rolls (tuna And Cucumbers) Recipe

  • STEP 1. cut the roasted seaweed into half. Cut tuna into thick pieces and cut the cucumber.
  • STEP 2.Spread sushi mat and 1/4 sushi rice over it. Place tuna and cucumber stripes in the middle and roll from the end into a tight roll.
  • STEP 3.Cut the sushi roll into 8 pieces.
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Recipe By Slurrp