Sunflower Highball

Sunflower Highball Recipe

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About Sunflower Highball Recipe:

The sunflower highball has all the charm and boundless joy of a floppy golden labrador puppy. A nearly-forgotten classic from dale degroff, its a simple drink with a sweet, sunny disposition and nearly no alcohol flavor (despite the fact that weve nudged the vodka measure up just a tad from the original, to balance the sweetness). Degroff calls for licor 43, but you can use any vanilla liqueur you like navan and tuaca would be lovely, for example. If youve got a sweet tooth, feel free to use a vanilla or dessert-flavored vodka.

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  • 2 Ingredients
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Ingredients for Sunflower Highball Recipe

  • 5.50 part Vodka or vanilla vodka or dessert vodka
  • 1 part Vanilla liqueur