Lauki cheela Recipe

This is very healthy and tasty lauki recipe liked by kids and adults

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1hr total
Lauki cheela

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Ingredients for Lauki cheela Recipe

  • 1/4 Kg Lauki
  • 62.50 g Raw rice chana daal and green chilli and garlic

Directions: Lauki Cheela Recipe

  • STEP 1.Saoak the rice and chana daal overnight and next morning make a smooth paste with green chilli and garlic.peel the skin of lauki and great mix the grated lauki in the prepared batter and add turmeric powder and heat a tava and grease with mustard oil and take one spoon of mixed batter and spread it evenly and cover with lid and cook for few apply some mustard oil and flip the cheela and cook other side as well.lauki Chella is ready to serve
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